Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random Gwensday: The White Blanket of Death

First, I should not even be talking about the four-letter word that begins with "s" in MARCH. I don't care if it's technically still winter. It's MARCH. But yes, we had snow last night and attention east coasters: here it comes.

In Columbus, if there's a threat of snow, the weather people get more excited than me in a DSW with unlimited funds. Now, I am not one who disses meteorologists when they're wrong; it may be a science but it's still unpredictable. We were originally under a winter storm warning to begin at 11 am yesterday, but Mother Nature had other plans so we had nothing until 6 or so, when it started raining. When I went to symphony chorus rehearsal there was a cold, cold rain. When I left to go home the snow had begun - a heavy, wet snow. And then I slipped and fell, so that was (not) cool. I'm OK, but I landed hard on one knee and today the opposite knee feels all wonky.

For those of you not in Columbus, it's an intersection of  two interstates; I-70 goes across and I-71 goes up-and-down. Most inclement weather forecasts include a prediction of "north of I-70 will have blah blah blah and south of I-70 will blah blah." What's so special about I-70? (Note to weather geeks: I don't really want to know the answer.) Anyway, overnight it snowed like crazy and depending on where you live in the central Ohio area, you saw anywhere from one to nine inches although because it's so heavy, it may not look like that much.

Here's what I saw when I woke up:

We live just barely north of I-70, for whatever that's worth.
I hope you all stay safe and warm on this March Gwensday.

Stay Tuned,

The Gila

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  1. I love Gwensday!!! We are preparing for the storm in the Philly area. Just rain and crazy wings right now, I had to go chase after my lawn furniture a little while ago. I detest "S" in March as well. Hope that's all you get. Nurse Marla says RICE that knee!
    Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.

    Hope your knee feels better

  2. Also I got a good laugh out of your DSW analogy.

  3. They were ranting and raving about the winter weather advisory here also...its 42 degrees and raining. I'm sorry you're stuck in the snow. I hope it doesn't come this way!

  4. I-70 runs through the KCMO area, and I-35 is our north-south 'border'. Our weather people do the same thing, I-70 must be a mysterious boundary for storms. I hadn't really thought about how odd it really is until you mentioned it.


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