Monday, September 10, 2018

Not even sure who I am anymore...

In my last post, I told you that I was planning to ride 45 miles in Pelotonia. If you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may not know that indeed I DID IT! It was damn hot, but I did it. I was fortunate to have my sisters-in-law, Stephanie and Cynthia, and my niece Lauren riding with me, plus the best cheering section!

Let me tell you, when riding with thousands of other cyclists, wearing bright orange pants is a great way for your companions to be able to find you!

It's not too late to donate to Pelotonia. If you were thinking "I'm gonna wait and see if this bitch actually finishes," I don't blame you. The link to my fundraising page is here, and fundraising goes until October 5.

One week after Pelotonia Aaron and I rode 30-ish miles, but then I didn't ride again for another two weeks. Between the heat and stuff at work, it just didn't happen. But we had signed up for a ride on September 1 called Bike the CBus Plus, a metric century (62 miles) around Columbus. Not only did we do that, we also rode to and from the start/finish, which was about 8 miles round trip! Again, another hot and humid day, and the last mile or so going home was in pouring rain. But we made it!

When we got home, Aaron said "we should ride again tomorrow," to which I begrudgingly said "yeah, I know." We're planning to do a three day ride around Lexington, KY later this month so I knew he was right. Oof.

The next day we drove about 40 minutes away and rode 20 miles on some HILLS! I have a hard time climbing so it was good practice for me. The picture below shows our route; the squiggly line is some rolling hills on a recently paved road, which was pretty fun.

Riding on country roads, I wanted to make sure I was visible.

Mission Accomplished

This past weekend was a wash out, so no riding, but I'm anxious to get out again. Seriously, sometimes I say to myself "who ARE you?"

Stay tuned,