Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random Gwensday, and some updates

Last week I told you about Girl Rising, a film that explores the importance of education for girls, and how difficult that can be in certain countries. I had reserved tickets for an April 1 showing in Columbus, but not enough other people did, so that showing was cancelled. I'm working on becoming a captain for another showing later in April, hoping that with more time, I'll be able to get the minimum number of tickets sold. Check back for more details.

UPDATE: I have a screening set up for Monday, April 22 at 7:30 pm at Easton. Columbus peeps, I hope to see you there! Click here to reserve your tickets, or to find another screening in your area. 

Also last week, while recapping the weekend, I talked about an uneven experience we had at the restaurant Till. I'm happy to say that one of the owners (who was not at the restaurant that night) called to apologize and sent a generous gift certificate for a future visit. We won't rush over, but we will be back; as I said, the food is phenomenal, and we're pleased with the follow up.

Now on to the "new" stuff. Supposedly today is the first day of spring. REALLY? Could have fooled me. Right now it's 28 degrees with a WIND CHILL of 21. And the high temperature will only be 35. Yesterday it was super windy and my sinuses were very angry. I shouldn't complain; the sun is shining and at least I don't have a foot of snow on the ground like some of my friends in the northeast, but STILL. 

So I suppose I should look on the bright side, as difficult as that may be. 

I'm sure MLK meant this for something much deeper and more important than my rantings about shitty weather, but it still works.

Come on, Spring. We're all waiting anxiously for your appearance!

Stay Tuned,

Confessions of a Gila Monster


  1. Every day this weather continues, I feel like it chips away a piece of my soul. It's so bleak and freezing! Ugh! I'm psyched the restaurant owner did e right thing by you, though!

  2. It's actually cold (in my Texas eyes) here this morning. But nothing like what you are going through! Geesh, stay warm!!!!

  3. i think it's pretty nice in texas! haha. and that is so nice of the restaurant!!

  4. I love when businesses actually care about their customers to compensate for a bad experience.

    Its cold here, too, but I'm still getting my free Rita's Water Ice! I hope you're able to see that movie!

  5. Right! Spring is here, but it's not... It's cold, cold, cold here in NC! Ground hog you were wrong sir!

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