Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hey there, Bloglovin. Nice to meet ya (I think).

If you read a lot of blogs like I do, you may use this handy dandy site called Google Reader. It kept all the blogs I follow in nice neat folders and was an easy way for me to know when new posts by my favorite bloggers were published. 

(If I've already lost you and you've never used Google Reader in your life, you can stop reading now. Really, it's OK. I won't get mad.)

So last night I opened up Google Reader to get this popup message that it's going away as of July 1. That's still a ways off, but my Twitter feed was loaded with other bloggers who also saw the same message. Helene thinks it's a conspiracy and I'm trying to get her to trademark the term "Bluminati."

Through various tutorials I think I've figured out how to "claim my blog" on Bloglovin, which from what I've been reading sounds better than Google Reader anyway; it's just that whole change thing, ya know? So if you don't wanna miss a thing, you can follow me on Bloglovin here (and hopefully I did that right). 

If you follow me through Facebook, have no fear, I'll still be sharing my posts there as well, ad nauseum.

This has been a public service announcement from The Gila Monster. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Confessions of a Gila Monster


  1. I am pissed. I'm using Feedly now, it picks up all information from Google Reader.

  2. I am not happy about the closing of Google Reader.
    I like the neat and orderly way my blogs were kept.
    I have moved my stuff to Bloglovin but I hope that the Google reader does not close because this new one is just not as user friendly.


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