Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Bunch of Thursday Randomness

Let's talk snow. Yes, it's winter. Yes, it snows in winter. But we rarely get THAT much snow at one time here in Columbus. The official snowfall for Tuesday night/Gwensday morning was 10.7 inches. We didn't have quite that much in the city but it was more than six inches for sure and on top of that we got freezing rain. Aaron shoveled for two hours before caving and borrowing a friend's snowblower.

Here's the thing, don't be a damn hero. If you don't have to go anywhere, stay home. Simple as that. I'm telling you, the roads are shitastic and while I'm missing my 4WD vehicle right about now, even that doesn't guarantee you won't go slip sliding away. And I get it, the schools have been closed a lot this winter and that's a bitch for parents who have to scramble to find childcare for the younger kids, but I think it's hilarious when parents who have no problem taking their kids out of school for a vacation complain that snow days are hindering their children's education. - When I was your age we had to walk uphill to school in the snow both ways and would pray the horse would shit so we'd have something warm to stand in.
No you did not. Shut up.

Do you watch The Biggest Loser? I don't, but I've seen a lot about the controversy surrounding the latest winner and "did she go too far?" I'll admit that she looks quite thin and apparently her BMI is slightly below "healthy," but I have two problems here. 1) I wonder if people would be as up in arms had it been a man in the same set of facts. 2) People, please. There is nothing healthy about the format of this show. I saw a tweet from someone who said she watched the finale with her teenage daughters and she was disgusted. Sorry, but why are you watching with your teenage daughters at all? This extreme weight loss is unrealistic and can be dangerous, whether or not the winner appears "emaciated."

I didn't manage to post yesterday but I do have Tuesday's karaoke playlist. We had a great time watching the snow and even Aaron sang.

In that picture he's singing Harry Connick, Jr.'s "Where or When." He also sang Van Halen's "Ice Cream Man" and Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice." Here's mine:

Karaoke 20140204 by Gwen Carmack on Grooveshark

On "If I Had You," Aaron played air piano. Haha!


  1. I just started writing my post for tomorrow and basically did the same as you...complained about the complainers bitching about tweets about the Olympics AND I discuss the Biggest Loser controversy too. Get out of my brain! I totally agree with you about the BL. We can't promote dramatic weight loss on the show and then get up in arms when people lose a lot of weight. Wake up people.

  2. SO with you on the BL. Like Carly said-- it's a dramatic, extreme weight loss show and we shouldn't be surprised. I'm agreeing with you too, that people wouldn't probably have acted this way had it been a man!

  3. YES to BL things. It's not real life in any way.

    And the snow. Deliver me. And the parents bitching about kids not getting a spring break. WHAT.

  4. I am itching to sing Jennifer Nettles' That Girl at karaoke. I feel bad for the Biggest Loser winner. It's possible she over-lost to compensate for the few pounds she'll inevitably gain back when she's out of earshot and smacking distance of Killian Michaels, and to have her win destroyed by people making personal attacks, especially for a person who's probably spent a lot of her life already enduring abuse about being fat totally blows. People are jerks.

    1. I feel bad for her - the girl just can't win.

  5. Biggest Loser claims they have MD's, RN's, nutritionists, and psychologists on board, but how is that "reality" I'm sorry, losing that much weight in that short of a span of time is NOT healthy. That said, why watch that shit with your teenage daughter???

    I'm sick of the snow, the end.


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