Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm the kind of girl who...

My fellow Columbus blogger Holly is hosting a link up today, and I thought it was time to throw out a few facts about me, especially for any newbies out there.

I’m the kind of girl who…

  • loves my hair. After years of perms I finally discovered my natural curl. Now the color is a different story. Premature grey runs in my dad's family and as soon as I saw my first grey hairs (at age 23) I called my stylist.

  • enjoys spicy food and prefers salty over sweet but if it's sweet, vanilla/caramel over chocolate.

  • has a steel trap memory for a lot of weird things. I remember what our phone number was when I was little, even though I haven't had that phone number for 36 years. (It was 864-7637.)

  • has no problem doing nothing, yet it's hard for me to totally relax my body. I'm hoping that won't be an issue this weekend when I'm in Jamaica!

My motto

  • is a girly-girl when it comes to shopping, hair, jewelry, makeup and fashion (although I don't like pink) BUT I also like violent movies and sports, especially football.

  • will stay quiet while I'm forming the words I want to say, but once I start talking, look out! I'll be honest and tell it like it is, while still being sympathetic and listening to YOU... unless of course you're being an idiot. ;)

  • loves to read, watch TV and movies, and sing. If you're new around here, I sing karaoke on Tuesday nights and on Gwensdays (which I like so much more than "hump day" but I realize that Gwensday doesn't mean as much to people who aren't me) I often share a playlist of what I sang the night before. Time After Time and I Want You to Want Me were duets with my karaoke partner in crime, Kat. Quote of the night from Amy to me: "Killing Me Softly and a fake ID will be your ticket to American Idol." Hahaha! That would have to be one hell of a fake ID.

Karaoke 20140218 by Gwen Carmack on Grooveshark

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  1. Doing nothing.. YES. I'll never understand people who are like "I hate going to the beach on vacation because there's nothing to do". HELLOOO, that sounds like HEAVEN to me.

  2. You have fabulous hair-- own it, lady!! :) And I weirdly remember phone numbers and stuff like that too sometimes. I also easily know every address I've ever lived at, which is 10+ houses!

  3. I love that quote. I had it on a magnet on my fridge but it busted. I need a replacement.

    Of course I know most of these but that's what a good friendship is all about.

  4. I admire people who can do nothing and not feel bad about it. I am a busy body! But I like not having plans. Strange, right? So glad you linked up!!!

  5. jamica?! WHAT??? TAKE ME WITH YOU PLEASE. i also have no problem doing nothing; in fact, it's what i do best :)

    thanks for linking up

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  6. spicy food is the best. I put cayenne pepper and/or hot sauce on everything I eat. YUM.

    have fun in Jamaica!

  7. Oh girl, I can't wait to hear all about your little getaway!
    Loved reading all these little tidbits about my Gwen Coco.

    You go, Gwen Coco!!!

  8. I am the same with vanilla and caramel over chocolate! I've never actually been on a relaxing vacation. I always go crazy with the tourist activities. I really want one now. I would love to bring a stack of books and sit by the fire in a mountain cabin. Have an amazing time in Jamaica!!!

  9. I LOVE your hair. I wish my hair was a little more red (it's strawberry blond most days). Also, I'm one of those people that sucks at doing nothing, but someday I will allow my husband to take a real beach vacation with no plans… I'll just have to read one million books.

  10. this is such a great link up!! and im glad you like your hair- you do have great hair! also i have a steel trap for weird things too, but never things that matter.

  11. Doing nothing is one of my favorite things to do!

  12. I love your post. made me laugh - mostly because I'm a lot of those things too.
    so glad I stopped by!
    I'm over at (we're having a giveaway - stop by!)

  13. I can totally relate to the steel trap mind. I suffer from it too! ;) Glad I found you through the linkup!

  14. I love your hair too! Mine's straight and boringgg!

  15. the beach sounds like heaven too me. and i wish i had natural curls. :(


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