Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bella Takes Over

Last month several bloggers I follow linked up for "Pets Are People Too," and Steph's dog Maisel actually blogged. Well, Bella came to me and said "Helloooooo? What about me?" So let me introduce you to today's guest blogger, Bella.


Hello people and thank you for reading my mom's blog, especially because you get to see lots of pictures of me, and who doesn't love that? In fact, because I know people love to look at me, I actually pose for pictures.

In the eight months of my life before I came to live here, I went through a lot. I was dumped by the side of a road with my brother and some people saved us. My brother got adopted and I stayed for a little while but the people had a bunch of dogs and since I couldn't be the center of attention they put an ad on something called Craigslist. A nice lady rescued me from having to go to a shelter and one day my daddy was at her house installing things that play loud music. He sent this picture to my mom and she couldn't resist me. Could you?

I also had a lot of different names before I came here. Coco, Ickey (really?), Izzy... My parents decided I needed a name befitting the princess I am so they decided on Isabella but they call me Bella.


At first, my parents didn't understand just how much maintenance my luxurious hair required. This led to a very traumatic experience, one that I'm not interested in repeating:

Can you believe it? I'm so embarrassed.

When I first got here there was another cat named Mingo. I wanted to play with him but he was kinda old and not interested. Oh well, his loss. One day he went away. I immediately played the loneliness card and my mom and dad brought home another black cat, Gato. He was so annoying at first, always bugging me. I'm sure I was never like that. We get along pretty well now.

Then they went and brought in another girl. What the hell? Despite my efforts to ignore her (I think her name is Clover or something), she's still here and I tolerate her now.

It also got me my very own special spot for food, since the girl can't jump up very high and eat all my food.

The other two have to eat off the floor. Not me.

Now, I do love my mom but I'm really a daddy's girl.

And as you can see, I'm very helpful.

Well, this has been fun but I'm pretty exhausted now and I simply must get in a beauty nap.

Jade and Oak


  1. oh my good god that is fantastic, what an awesome and smart cat you have. Bet Bella gets more comments than anything mom could post

  2. Bella, you're a giver for not killing them after the clipping incident.

  3. Oh my gosh, did that REALLY happen with her fur?!?!? That is AMAZING!!! It's a wonder Bella didn't run away or suck your breath out while you and Aaron slept! :-)

  4. Adorable. Love the name Bella. She and I are kindred spirits as my name also means beautiful! LOL!
    OMG - agree with Gena about the clipping. All of our furry kids are such beautiful souls. Love the name Gato, too!
    Hope you are having better weather than we are!
    Love, Steph's MOMMA

    1. She's such a diva, but also a sweetheart! Sorry about the weather you're getting now. We've been spared from it and we're hopefully starting a thaw period.

  5. That picture of her shaved makes me cringe but laugh every time.

    Cheers to the princess! The very helpful, fluffy princess.

  6. LOL! I love it!! I am crackingggg up at her shaved pictures- seriously! Poor thing! ;) I love the name Bella for a cat, it's Kayla's cats name too!

  7. Hi Bella! What a wonderful post! You look a lot like my grandmother's cat, Sophie! You're both lovely ladies - you can see her picture at the end of this post:

  8. Omg Bella! Wow what a beauty! She's so funny! And the shaved photo's had me laughing. I have 2 cats. One has very long fur. So I had her shaved one day and my other cat though she was an alien bc she looked so funny! She's so gorgeous along with your other babies! Bless them all and Happy V-Day! <3


  9. The nose kiss picture... LOVE. That's the cutest thing ever. Love that you did this :)

  10. love it she's a handful just like my frankie visiting from jade and oak pet hop I'm lorraine at

  11. aw so sweet - love that you gave her a better home. she looks pretty content :) thanks for linking up with us!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  12. What a pretty girl! How funny did she look when they shaved off everything but her tail? :) She seems like a sweetie.


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