Friday, February 7, 2014

The Great Jewelry Organization Project

I mentioned on Monday that last weekend Aaron and I tackled my jewelry. Let me show you some before pictures (which are actually from a year ago but still quite accurate).

1 - Longer hanging necklaces in the bathroom window.
2 - Various items in the window of the laundry closet.
3 - A fantastic jewelry organizer drawer in the walk-in closet (elfa from The Container Store), but you can hardly see it because I just threw shit all over.

So Aaron started grouping all the jewelry and had me decide what to keep and what to toss. At one point we got out this jewelry box and I pointed out that he had given it to me probably 25 years ago for Christmas.

His response: “Pitch it. I clearly underestimated your jewelry obsession.”

Some in-process photos, with our helper Bella.

The idea was to get all the jewelry in one place. This involved buying another organizer drawer, which Bella's sitting in the above photo. We didn't quite accomplish the "all in one place" goal because I also have a collection of small jewelry boxes, some vintage that belonged to relatives, some gifts from various parts of the world. We kept these on the shelves in our bedroom but they currently hold special, non-every-day pieces.

And here's the finished product. The lower right picture gives you the full effect (and yes, Aaron folded my jeans which previously were ... not very neatly stacked).

I have not been compensated in any way for this, but I highly recommend The Container Store. All of our closets are full of elfa products. In fact, when we were building our house we bought most of the shelving in January because of the elfa sale, even though we didn't move in until September. The elfa sale is still going on until February 11 - 30% off!

Have a great weekend and stay warm and safe!

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  1. That looks awesome!

    I would live in your closet.

  2. Ditto to living in your closet. The second I saw the 25 year old jewelry box I said aloud in my office, to no one in particular, "yeah, that's not even a start."

  3. I still have the ever-so-lovely gold(ish) fake leather-that-is-really-cardboard-type-stuff jewelry box that I got in high school. It won't close. The overflow is in one of the old miniature Lane cedar chest boxes. It is ridiculous. If I didn't know how long it takes to sort jewelry, your post would inspire me. But, alas...

  4. Oh wow! That is awesome! I had a jewelry box like that one time...haha!

  5. Damn it, Blogger ate my comment.

    I am impressed you allowed him to help with organizing. I do not play well with others when it comes to organization tasks--my way or the highway!

  6. I freaking love the Container Store. I am soon messy, but 5 minutes in there and I want to organize ALL the things! I'm i pressed Aaron took part in this venture, and I am giggling at his "pitch it," comment. Hillarious


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