Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gwensday Dose of Random

My brain is fuzzy today. Could that have anything to do with the (very) late night I had singing karaoke? All signs point to yes. I love that my friend Kat comes to the neighborhood bar to sing with me. Right about now I love even more that I work from home so I can do my work in pleasures and biscuits (sorry, Kat). Here are the songs I did:

Time After Time (with Kat)
Love is a Battlefield
What's Up (with Kat and Amy)
Galileo (with Kat)

One of my favorite parts about being home all day:

These two napped together ALL day.

Have you seen any good new shows yet? I still haven't watched Hostages or The Blacklist. Tonight I'm excited for the returns of Modern Family, Criminal Minds and Nashville! And as much as I feel like Law & Order: SVU should probably end, I can't wait to see how Olivia gets herself out of last season's cliffhanger.

Have y'all heard? The Pirates are going to the playoffs for the first time in 21 years!


Speaking of sports, I kicked some ass in both of my fantasy leagues last week. Observe:

And finally, go over to Life According to Steph and wish SMD and MFD a happy third anniversary!

Happy Gwensday! I'm going in search of a fountain coke.

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  1. Happy Gwensday! Not an avid TV watcher, but LOVED Blacklist-even tho a bit violent & love Adam and Blake on The Voice- prefer Shakira & Usher to Christina & Cee-lo. Love the blind audition format.
    Oh & Karaoke is the #BEESKNEES! I can sing as loud as I want & usually it is with someone I love.
    Love singing really loud in my car with all the windows/sunroof open, too. Music is a gift!
    So happy to have met you @ Steph's wedding 3 years ago & glad we can converse via social media!
    Carpe Diem!
    love Steph's MOMMA

  2. I gotta say... this makes me uber jealous of your working from home. i would love that so much!!

  3. oh. I am on a Soda ban for 60 days. and now I want a fountain coke. Waaaaah;)

  4. Nothing cures a hangover like a fountain coke.

    I would totally be staring at my dogs all day if I WFH.

    I'm really excited for the Pirates. That's awesome!

    Thanks for the good wishes!

  5. Blacklist is saved on my DVR, but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet :( I can't wait for Nashville tonight!!! My favorite show by far :)

  6. I wanna work from home and go out for karaoke nights!!! lol

  7. The only time I drink soda is when it comes from a fountain. YUM! And now, at 6:30am, I find myself craving one.

    I'm jealous of your karaoke. I might start calling you Gwen Benatar.

    The Blacklist was amazing. Watch that shit.

    I want to come and snuggle those little balls of kitty fuzz! SOOOOO cute!!!


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