Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Faves

Aaron often starts a grocery list and sticks it on a cupboard door. Usually it has items like coffee, half and half, eggs, toast (yes, "toast" because there's a certain bread that we only use for toast). On Monday I glanced at it from across the kitchen and only saw one item, which I thought was odd because we had pretty much nothing to eat. Here's what it said:

Another favorite F word

Sunday was the season finale of The Newsroom, which Aaron and I both really enjoy. So last night we finally watched the pilot of Homeland (yeah, I know, we're late to that party). I see some binge watching in my future.

Tomorrow is our neighborhood's garden party. There are empty lots next to our house and several years ago we started a community garden. The lots are now ready to be developed so this was our last growing season. Here are a couple pictures from last year's party:

Salmon encased in salt

Back in April I did a birthday post for my grandma and in it I mentioned that she loves gambling and sports and that years ago she won the newspaper's football contest. This week my mom sent me that article. This was in 1964 - check it out:

That's my aunt and my grandpa in the picture with her. The article starts like this:

"Okay, men, it's time to rally and come to the rescue of the stronger sex. A woman, mind you, has become the first person to win The Times-Mirror football contest and she did it on a week when the closest a man could come was 15 correct out of 20!"

(Grandma Elmo picked 18 of 20 correct; there were both college and pro games on the ballot.)

I could use a little assistance. For the second straight week, I picked less than half of the NFL games correctly against the spread.

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. that picture is pretty incredible!
    and i'm not even one little bit of help with football!

  2. That is SUCH a good story about your grandma!! What a cool lady!!! :)

    So funny about your grocery list too- there have been times Jared and I have started a list and then realized it was turning into a mile long, so we scratch that and just go shopping because we need EVERYTHING haha!

  3. I love the idea of a garden like that! so neat!
    Thanks for linking up with us today!

  4. That old newspaper article is awesome sauce! How cool is that?? Grandma Elmo was one smart cookie.

  5. You need Elmo's help!

    I'm sad that the garden is ending.

  6. Homeland is one of my favorites. We finished season one and just started watching season two. The problem is - I refuse to pay for Showtime.


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