Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Windup - I cooked, y'all!


I did the opposite of cooking on Friday. Aaron ran the March of Dimes Night Moves 5k. I ate ice cream for dinner and watched the Pirates/Reds, which ended sadly for me. The cats seemed poised to cause some trouble:

Poor Clover's legs are too short; she can't get up there.


The morning was rainy and gross, but by afternoon we had a lovely fall day - perfect for our garden party. Everyone brought amazing food, we watched a slideshow of the past year's antics, our neighbor Martin's band performed on our front porch, neighbor Nelson read French poetry, more live music and finally a dance party in the garage. I made Brown Sugar Oatmeal cookies, which were a big hit - no pesky raisins; just oatmeal and caramelly goodness.


Lots of singing in the morning: I sang a solo at the 8:30 church service, then two more services with the choir, then a short rehearsal. Later I made a vegetarian vindaloo. I ground the spices myself and this was one of the most complicated recipes I've tried. It needs some tweaking but I'll try it again.

We went to Colin and Amy's to watch the Emmys. We were so excited for Jeff Daniels and for Modern Family! I thought NPH was a great host - he's bound to be the Oscar host someday. I enjoyed the in-depth memorial tributes, especially Jean Stapleton's and James Gandolfini's, but the immediate music playing to run winners off the stage was super annoying.

Aaron and his friend Sam Adams

Thankfully Penn State won on Saturday. I can't even discuss the Pirates or the Steelers, although Antonio Brown got me lots of fantasy points.

If you haven't read my fall TV preview, check it out here. To be clear, I don't watch every single show listed there; I'm just letting y'all know what's out there. But I do watch a lot, and I try to at least check out most of the new shows. Here's what I'll be watching/recording tonight (so happy for DirecTV's DVR with monster storage capacity):

The Voice (blind auditions)
The Blacklist
How I Met Your Mother
Sleepy Hollow


  1. the garden party looks fabulous! and i love nothing more than eating ice cream for dinner

  2. Love love love the Garden Party and all it entailed.

    I didn't watch the Emmys, but I did record them. Worth finding James Gandolfini's tribute and watching?

  3. The Garden Party was awesome - thanks so much for letting us use your driveway. And I can vouch for the cookies - they were delish!

  4. So glad you guys had nice weather for your garden party. I've been in the mood to bake lately so I think those oatmeal cookies might be next on my list!

  5. Gwen, hope you saw photos of Corie and I at Heinz Field last night. A first for both of us! We had a great time, even though our Steelers did not :(


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