Friday, September 27, 2013

Need Some Inspiration?

If you're not from Columbus, you might not know about an event that occurred last Saturday. Ohio State had a home game against Florida A&M, and the game itself was a blowout (76-0). I'm sure some people may have thought "I paid $75 for this?" But from what I've heard, the halftime show was worth every penny.

The Ohio State Marching Band is highly revered by fans. It's known as TBDBITL (The Best Damn Band In The Land). One of their traditions is "Script Ohio," and while I must reiterate that Ohio State is not my #1 school, even I really enjoy Script Ohio. At the end one of the sousaphone players is given the honor of "dotting the i."

From the game we attended a few weeks ago

Last Saturday the Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Band participated in the halftime show. Along with their red-jacketed assistants, this group performed on the same field as "TBDBITL" and spelled out "Ohio" in Braille. Since the "i" in Braille is made up of two dots, two sousaphone players dotted that i. If you haven't seen it, trust me, it's five minutes that you'll be glad you spent watching a YouTube video.

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  1. Seriously so freaking amazing. Ditto to the goosebumps!

  2. That made me tear up. I was in marching band all through high school, so this really tugged on my heart strings. Thanks for sharing!


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