Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gwen Coco's List of No-Nos, Volume 2

Back in the infancy of this blog, I wrote a post about some pet peeves. Most of you may have missed it; you can read it here. Well, there's always room for more irritants, hence "Volume 2."

If you're wondering about the title of the post, my lovely friend Marla started calling me Gwen Coco a while back, and in fact she came up with the post title (sorry Marla, no royalties).

(From Mean Girls, if you didn't know.)

A reminder of the disclaimer that I won't hate you if you do one of these. And please forgive me for using the gif above, because honestly another of my pet peeves is overuse of gifs. They kinda make me queasy. So let's get that off the screen, shall we?

Ah, that's better. Please don't do the following:

 Give your child a name that you don’t intend to use

I talked about this in my brother's birthday post, because my own parents were guilty of it. I just don't get it. Trust me, as your kid goes through school, he or she will constantly have to say "I know the roster says my name is X but I go by Z." Just stop. Sorry, Mom.

Eat at a chain restaurant on vacation

I beg of you, just say no. Find out where the locals go, and hopefully the locals don't say Buffalo Wild Wings. The only exception is if it's a regional chain that you don't have back home.

Leave crumbs in the butter/cream cheese/peanut butter…

This seriously grosses me out. Just wipe off the knife on your toast or bagel, NOT in the remaining condiment. And how about not putting so much on your knife in the first place if you're not going to use it.

Beep at the car in front of you the moment the light turns green

OK, this is probably particularly annoying to Aaron and me because of where we live. I took this yesterday from our screened porch.

As you can see, we're quite close to a somewhat busy intersection. You wouldn't believe the number of car horns we hear. Chill out, people!

Attention Target shoppers... 

See this?

Do you see how there's a place to throw away the wipe after using it? Then why the hell do I have to get a cart like this?

Never mind that I don't understand the need for cart wipes in the first place. If you're that germaphobic, you probably have your own wipes with you. (If you read the first pet peeve post, you'll see that shopping carts show up there, too. If you didn't read it, go ahead and do that now.)

I'm sure Volume 3 will appear someday. What are some of your annoyances?


  1. This is probably personal to my own home but, people who put empty boxes or cartons back in the cupboard or fridge. Seriously! Why do they do that?!?

    STOP IT.

  2. Haha, I love this one, I'm totally with you on all of these. I definitely do NOT get the naming of children thing AND I get sooo angry when people beep at me and the light has been green for all of .00005 seconds. I purposely go slower when that happens ;)

  3. I HATE when people beep at me at a light..its like HELLOOOO I will move, give me more than 1 second!! So funny. Couldn't agree more ;)

  4. Haha yes to all of these. I know I'm guilty of these sometimes (never the honking though!) drives me nuts!!

  5. The crumbs in butter/cream cheese/etc grosses me the fuck out, too. YUCK. I guess that stems from my fear of food touching each other. If Steve butters his toast, then dips the knife in the jelly without wiping the knife off first, I scream at him.

    I do love me some gif's... All day, every day. Don't judge me.

    Thanks for the shout out! ;-)

  6. I live in a tourist town by the beach with tons of local seafood restaurants yet the local Red Lobster parking lot is always full. C'mon people, Red Lobster as opposed to fresh local seafood. UGH

  7. GIFs give me motion sickness. I can never use them. They also distract me from the rest of the post.

    I hate all of these, of course.

  8. Hahahahaha every one of us goes by middle names;) drives my husband nuts. And I cannot stand impatient honkers

  9. Hahahahaha every one of us goes by middle names;) drives my husband nuts. And I cannot stand impatient honkers

  10. Awesome post. My name is Christina and that's what my mom wanted me to be called. But I constantly got, " you go by Christine or Chris?" NO! Hahah! I have to admit that I eat at chain restaurants on vacation because I'm a germaphobe and can't do greasy spoons, which is what most people recommend for awesome food. But I don't do it for every meal. Just one when I'm really, really hungry and want something that I can trust. Speaking of germs, I totally carry my own wipes and wipe the carts with my own. I'll never understand the people that pick a cart and then drive it over to the wipes. You've already touched the infected cart! The wipes is no use now. I know. I'm pretty irrational. I'm totally with you on everything else. Especially the crumbs. Gross.


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