Friday, November 30, 2012

A Slipper By Any Other Name . . . Is a Biscuit

Today's topic is nicknames. You already know how I got the name Gila Monster. Here are some other terms that I use.

In his biscuits and M&M pleasures
Biscuits and Pleasures
I can't even remember how long it's been that Aaron started calling slippers "biscuits." I don't even know why (and I don't think he does, either). But that's what he calls them, and now we have loads of people all over the country calling them that as well.

"Pleasures" are flannel pajama pants. This term was coined by Aaron's sister Stephanie who turned us on to them years ago and said that when you put them on fresh out of the dryer, they are "pants o' pleasure." We've shortened it to pleasures, and it can also refer to yoga pants or sweats; basically your comfy clothing.

So, the next time you get home in the evening after a long day, or tomorrow morning when you're up and making coffee, put on your biscuits and pleasures.

This is what we call Tabasco sauce. 'Nuff said.

Spidey, Sappy and Boo
Spidey is Aaron. This is a great nickname for him because he climbs on everything. He should also be great at yoga because he can position his body in ways that most of us can't comprehend.

Sappy is his sister Stephanie. Our niece Lauren couldn't say "Aunt Stephanie" when she was little, so it came out "Aunt Sappy," and the name stuck. Lauren also went through a phase in which everyone was Uncle so I was Uncle Gila and Steph was Uncle Sappy, but she now has the genders figured out.

Boo is the youngest sister, Cynthia. That nickname has been around since before I met her, and Aaron still calls her that. This can get confusing because to nieces and nephews, Aaron is "Uncle Boo." (And that one started when our oldest niece Jacqueline was little and Aaron would play peek-a-boo with her.)

Bad Boiler
This refers to an upset stomach. It was really funny when Jacqueline was visiting us (she was maybe 5 at the time?) and I wasn't feeling well. Aaron kept saying "Aunt Gwen has a bad boiler." Then Jacqueline went home and one day in the grocery store they walked down the aisle with the Pepto Bismol and she asked her dad "is that what you get when you have a bad boiler?" 

You might need this if you've had too much Joy.

You know the saying, "six of one, half dozen of the other," meaning that with either option you get the same result? Well, Aaron used to say "six and a half dozen." When I finally clued him in to the real phrase, I said, "what you're saying is 78." And so now, whenever we have a choice of two similar options, we just say "78."

So there's a little insight into our secret code words. What are some of yours?

Stay tuned,

The Gila


  1. Love this, and have of course adopted pleasures and biscuits.

    I need to think on mine.

    Your header looks great.

  2. I wish i had my pleasures and biscuits on right now!

  3. Everyone here in my home calls jammies and slippers 'Pleasures and Biscuits'. In fact, a good friend of mine has adopted the phrase in her home too. You've gone global. Well, you've certainly gone Iowan.

    Maurio and I don't have nicknames, but we have, over the years, turned phrases or quotes from movies into our own catch phrases into different meanings altogether. And though not inappropriate in THAT way, we acknowledge that we're all kinds of wrong. For instance:

    1. When I'm running late and Maurio gets agitated and wants me to hurry up, he'll say, "Eat the cake Anna Mae!"

    2. And when he's annoying me by waking me up, tickling me or just bugging me in general, I'll say, "No Ike, no!"

    3. If there's seconds on dinner, he'll always ask me if I want anything and I always, always say, "Just my name. I wanna keep my name."

    Yes, we've turned Tina Turner's abusive relationship into our shared dialogue. We know we're wrong.

    1. Michelle, you are so wrong, but of course that's one of the reasons I love you!

  4. In my family, one of my siblings (no one quite remembers which one)coined the term "claustra-feet-ophobia". The condition of needed to peel off shoes, socks, blankets, whatever, because your feet are suffocating.

    Yes, you may use it.

  5. These names are fabulous! We have so many nicknames for things, too. I will try to list/explain later. Thanks for the laughs!


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