Monday, September 30, 2013

End of September Weekend Windup

Aaron was in Denver at a trade show from Gwensday until Saturday night. For me, Aaron's absence means eating junk food (and regretting it afterward), napping, shopping and watching tons of TV (convenient, since the fall season just started).

I did venture out Saturday morning to watch our niece Lauren run a cross country meet. She's in 8th grade so she ran middle school varsity and she finished 17th out of 215 girls! She's tearing it up this season, and she (stubbornly) ran the whole race while her calf was giving her major pain. We're so proud of her, even if she probably shouldn't have run. I don't have any pictures because my phone was on stopwatch duty, and the picture taker (ahem) hasn't forwarded any pictures.

My sister-in-law said that Lauren had developed a habit of turning around to see who's behind her. One of the coaches told her this:

“Run in your shoes, not in your head.”

I'm not a runner, but I think that's good advice in a lot of areas.

I'm not sure where September went, but I do love October. We have the Italian Festival coming up, which is just a few blocks away from home, and we'll be getting into sweaters, scarves and boots season! I bought a couple pairs of boots over the weekend.

And of course, this year I have reason to be excited for the baseball playoffs! Tomorrow night is the one-game wild card playoff between the Pirates and the Reds. Aaron and I have already decided that we're not watching the game at home. You remember the house divided issue, right?

It's a good thing I have baseball to hold on to for at least a bit longer, since the Steelers are sucking it up right now. Yesterday we went to a bar to watch the game, sad as it was. But we did see this curious sign:

"Everyday open to close ... $2 Off All Appetizers." Huh? 

Also sucking right now: my fantasy football teams. Ugh, rough day yesterday in both leagues.

And finally, yes, another cat picture:

I think we'll be re-washing this sweater.


  1. Those booties are so you.

    I can never find big calf boots. And I need big calf boots.

  2. i do the exact same thing when michael is away. and you need those shoes!

  3. What is it with cats laying on clean laundry?!!? BAD KITTY!!!

    Those boots on the left... they are made for walking! Gorgeous!!

  4. I haddd to comment on your cat on the sweater pic. One of my funniest memories of my mom as a kid was the time our cat pooped on her FAVORITE white sweater she had laying on the drying rack like that. Hahahah- I have never seen her so angry!!


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