Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stop #5 - Dane's Dessert Cafe

Subtitle: The one where we realize that we're not very good with our timing.

On a rainy Sunday we wandered to Dane's Dessert Cafe. This is a place that's not right on High Street, so it's not that easy to find; in fact, they've been open over a year, and I'd never heard of it until we were figuring out where all we need to go on our tour.

Astute readers will clue in that Dane's specializes in ... wait for it ... desserts. More specifically, they create sweet concoctions of freshly made crepes or waffles, add ice cream and maybe some fruit or Nutella, and certainly some whipped cream. They also serve cakes and sundaes. They do not serve alcohol, in case you were wondering.

The day Aaron and I visited Dane's we had not yet eaten and we were pretty hungry, but we weren't really eager to jump right into a big dessert. Luckily, they serve savory crepes as well, but if you look at the menu, you'll notice that the savory section is quite small, but the owner is from Jamaica and the non-sweet options definitely reflect that so we were intrigued.

We started off with one of the Golden Krust Patties. This is a baked pastry filled with your choice of meat or vegetables. We got the veggie one, and it was spicy and delicious. I also had a Mango Tango smoothie (I really love mango).

This doesn't look like much, but it was quite tasty!

We each ordered crepes: Chicken Florentine for Aaron and Jerk Chicken for me. Aaron's was pretty dry and bland. Mine at least had the jerk flavor (and my beloved mango salsa on top) but it was inconsistent. One bite would be filled with fantastic Jamaican spices and the next would just be ... blah.

By now we had run out of time, as well as room in our bellies, for dessert. And that's when we realized that we were starting a trend. You'll remember that Mojoe Lounge is famous for their brunch, but we went at night. Dane's does desserts, and we had not one bit of dessert. And you'll soon find out that we'll hit three restaurants in a row that all have great patios and we'll probably be there in March. Ah, well...

Photo: (since we didn't actually have dessert)

Our server was the daughter of the owner and she was super friendly. The "Dane" of Dane's Desserts is her brother and his picture is on the wall. I really like the concept of this place and I want it to succeed. I've read some very mixed reviews, but it's still around a year after opening so I'm hopeful that they can make it work.

And one of these days we just might break our own rule and go back before we're "supposed" to, just to split a crepe (and I do mean split, because they're HUGE).

Stay tuned,

Spidey and The Gila

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