Monday, January 7, 2013

Looking for an act of kindness to perform?

A lot of people have been jumping on Ann Curry's suggestion of "26 Acts of Kindness" in memory of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. I know some people who strive toward doing an act of kindness every day, or every week. If you're one of those inclined toward performing acts of kindness (random or otherwise) and you're looking for ideas, here's one.

My friend Dawn lives in Georgia. Last Friday her sister-in-law Susan was driving with her two sons, Mason and Zach, and Dawn's son, Dylan. Susan missed a stop sign and her car collided with a semi. Mason and Zach were killed. Susan and Dylan both underwent surgery and thankfully they will heal from their physical injuries. Susan's husband Marshall is a fireman and sadly ended up at the scene.

This was a horrific accident that claimed the lives of two young boys (they were 12 and 6). Although I don't know Susan or Marshall, I've known Dawn, as well as Susan's best friend Erin, for over a decade and I'm heartbroken for this family.

A memorial fund has been set up and, if you are interested, the link to donate is here. A completely free way to support the Greene family is to keep them in your thoughts and if you pray, include them in your prayers.

UPDATE: Dylan (13) has been released from the hospital and Susan is to be released today. While this is great news, she also has to return to a quiet, empty house. Please continue to lift them with your thoughts and support.

Another way to pay it forward is to thank your local fire department. Dawn said that her brother's fellow firefighters never left his side and even when the hospital kicked them out, they stayed in their truck in the parking lot. Firefighters and other first responders experience things that no one should have to witness, and we've all been made aware of this through Hurricane Sandy and Newtown, not to mention the recent tragic event near Rochester, NY.

When last year's fires were raging in Colorado, my friend Candy (check out her blog, too) started a "Hug a Firefighter" campaign to honor her firefighter brother and all those who bravely rush in when the rest of us are  running to safety. A hug (or a handshake) costs nothing but says so much.


  1. You know you're amazing, right??

  2. I could share this blog a million times, G. Might just have to.

  3. A hug for you, for them, and for those firefighters. Again.



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