Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Organizing My Life (starting with a drawer)

Here's the thing: I'm not a neat person. I never have been. Just ask any of my college roommates, or my mom, or my husband. I'm certainly not in any danger of being on Hoarders, but in terms of keeping things tidy, I'm a mess. My desk is a disaster, and my closet often looks like a tornado went through it.

This is a birthday card my parents gave me years ago (I can't remember which birthday it was, but I was definitely an adult). The schoolteacher-perfect cursive writing is my mom's; the printed, less-perfect writing is my dad's:

I love the idea of being organized and I even enjoy the implementation of organization. It's the maintenance that trips me up. Every so often -- OK, not that often -- I get inspired and do an overhaul of my "stuff." I'm now attempting that again, but it's a slow process.

First up: the bathroom drawer.

I can't believe I'm posting this for anyone to see, but there it is. Total mess.

So I went to The Container Store and got a couple drawer organizers. Note that Aaron's is much smaller than mine. I couldn't fit everything, which led Aaron to ask "where are you going to put all the other stuff?" I said, "one step at a time, dude." Because as Demi Moore said to Rob Lowe in About Last Night, "a whole drawer? ... That's a big step." Yes, yes it is.

Here's the after shot:

It still needs some fine-tuning and I may go back to the mecca that is The Container Store and get a separate small tray for my makeup brushes so I can fit a little more stuff in there.

***UPDATE on the makeup brushes here.

Coming soon: jewelry organization (ugh). ***And apparently "soon" means at least 4 months.

Stay Tuned,

The Gila

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  1. Ooh ooh. Do the countertop makeup brush display floating around Pinterest. That will free up room. Great job on the drawer! This makes me want to organize.

    1. OK, I'm replying here instead of via email on purpose because you're ALWAYS organizing! Even MFD says so! xoxo

      I will check out the Pinterest display.

  2. i have a drawer just like this!! i need to do this in my life


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