Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bag Check

Did you notice my new look? Also, see the tag line I'm trying out, "Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always real"? Well, this will be more on the silly side and it probably won't interest the male readers out there. But hey, I'm a girl and I like girly shit. So there you have it.

Have you ever gone to a concert or a sporting event and before you get your ticket scanned you have to let people look inside your bag? I've finally gotten better about either taking a small clutch or just using pockets in those situations, but up until very recently, if anyone had to look in my bag, it would be a frightening thing. However, I have now gone through it and purged it of Christmas receipts (really, all receipts that seem to make a home there) as well as put all credit cards/cash in the wallet rather than let them float around willy-nilly.

My friend Stephanie at Life According to Steph (and BTW, she's my real life friend as well as a blogging inspiration and she's doing a digital scrapbook giveaway right now so check it out) did a "what's in my bag" post recently and it motivated me to clean out my bag and take a look at what's inside.

First, my bag. I got it in October at the Nine West outlet in Myrtle Beach and I've been carrying it ever since. I own lots of purses, but I don't switch them out very often. I personally believe that one can't have too much animal print (although one CAN have too much all together at the same time and I've probably been guilty of that). If you don't share that belief, that's cool, but don't bust me for mine.

In the outer compartment: hair elastics, both insurance cards for BOTH cars (perhaps I should put these IN the cars), two sticky notepads, an iTunes gift card, my favorite pen that I unfairly accused Aaron of losing, some packets of Motrin, a prescription cream for some eczema on my finger that I'm very bad about using. Not pictured for obvious reasons: my W-2.

Inside: headphones, purple iPod, stamps, Altoids smalls (in cinnamon because I really don't like any other mint), tissues, car key and Mom's house key on my handy dandy Columbus Brewing Company bottle opener keychain (don't drink and drive, kids, but the bottle opener can come in handy). Not pictured: iPhone because I can't very well take a picture of it when that's what I'm using to take the pictures.

Lipstick holder, Sally Hansen Lip Inflation lip plumper (this stuff is the bomb if you have thin, nonexistent lips like I do), jump drive, wallet, pen and pencil, glasses case.

This lipstick holder is the greatest invention. My friend Lois has one and I've wanted one for years. I finally found one in Myrtle Beach at Purpleologist. The lipstick is L'oreal Caramel Latte, and look! In the mirror you can see my iPhone case - it's fuzzy tiger print.

This is what my reading glasses look like. I don't have to use them that much, yet, but I'm always glad I have them when I need them.

Makeup bag, which I haven't carried in a while because mine got gross but thanks to the Ipsy Glam Bag I get a new one each month. Inside:

Sally Hanson VitaSurge Strength Gel for nails
Benefit Hello Flawless powder in Petal
MAC lip liner in Chicory
nail file
Bath & Body Works Liplicious brown sugar scrub and lip color in Coconut Truffle
Great Lash mascara
Lipsticks: L'oreal in Ginger Spice
Sephora Rouge Shine lipstick in Tenderness (which appears to be discontinued)
MAC in one of the Viva Glam colors (maybe VI?)
MAC in CB 96

Sometimes I also carry my symphony chorus music in my bag and a water bottle if it won't spill.

So, that was fun (for me, anyway)!

Stay Tuned,

The Gila

P.S. I happen to love my hair today so here's a pic. I kind of suck at self-portraits, and please ignore my multiple chins, but I recently read a blog tip that I should have more photos of myself so, here goes nothing.


  1. Fabulous hair, and necklace.

    I adore that bag. I am on the hunt for a leopard cardigan. I also dig your reading glasses and fear I'll need some soon. Where did you get your iphone case?

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. love love love

    the bag, the hair, the you

    It's all workin' for ya, babe. :)

  3. You're welcome!

    I actually got my iPhone case at a kiosk at the mall. I was there with my 13 year old nephew James and he saw it and immediately said "that's the one for you." Bing, bang, boom.


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