Monday, January 28, 2013

Latest TV Obsessions

Between being sick last week and pretty much doing nothing all weekend, I've been catching up on some TV watching. Here are my latest obsessions:

Nashville (ABC) - Y'all, I love Connie Britton. Although I'm not from the South, when I use the word "y'all," it's because I'm channeling her. From Friday Night Lights to American Horror Story to this... love. her. Also:

  • I haven't watched General Hospital in years but I JUST realized that Lucky Spencer is playing Avery. 
  • In last week's episode, there was a sign for Jeni's Ice Cream (a Columbus favorite and soon to be on the Restaurant Odyssey). Turns out Jeni's has two locations in Nashville! 
  • I'm  not a huge country music fan but after hearing Scarlett and Gunnar's cover of "If I Didn't Know Better" I immediately downloaded it from iTunes.

Scandal (ABC) - Hell, the name of the show alone made me want to watch it, and I quickly got hooked. Kerry Washington (who I think is stunning; I've been a fan since Save the Last Dance) is fantastic in this role. I've even managed to get past the fact that the president is the same dude who killed Patrick Swayze 20+ years ago in Ghost. I must warn you, though, this isn't a show you can just pick up now, but the first season is streaming on Netflix.

Person of Interest (CBS) - This is Aaron's and my favorite show to watch together. Benry from Lost is one of the stars, so that reeled me in (and it's fun that his real life wife shows up every so often) and Jim Caviezel is easy on the eyes. The last new episode was January 10 and it was quite the cliffhanger so I can't wait for this week's new episode.

A couple weeks ago we made the switch from cable to DirecTV. So far, loving it! With that, we got three free months of HBO, Showtime, etc. so we're just now starting to watch some of the shows we've heard so much about. Still have yet to see Homeland or Boardwalk Empire but so far:

Girls (HBO) - After seeing this show win at the Golden Globes, I figured I'd give it a try. I've now watched seven episodes. It's funny, it's awkward, it's sexual (did I really just watch Brian Williams' daughter do THAT?!) and it's only a half hour long. I like it.

The Newsroom (HBO) - Aaron watched the first episode on Saturday and proclaimed it "awesome," so I watched it and then we watched the second episode. We still miss The West Wing and this show is from Aaron Sorkin; it's smart, witty, fast-paced. And it has Sam Waterston! I've seen every single episode of Law & Order so it's fun to see Jack McCoy get to curse since he couldn't on NBC. If you watch nothing else, check out this clip from the opening scene.

AND.... Smash returns next week! I hear that the first episode of the new season is available on demand so I might have to cheat.

Stay Tuned,

The Gila


  1. I caught up on Nashville last night. I'm dying for Deacon and Rayna to get it on.

    I'd love to be real life BFF with Connie Britton. When I say y'all I'm channeling her too.

    Isn't Girls awkward, insane, and engrossing?

  2. I really, really, need to catch a couple eps of Girls. Everyone I know watches it.


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