Friday, January 11, 2013

In Wine There is Truth

Aaron is a great gift-giver. Back in November we were near Destin, Florida for a long weekend with friends. On our last day we stopped at a shop, 30-A Art & Junk. It was Sunday and the shop wasn't open but there were lots of pieces outside that were available for purchase (and an honor system box in which you could put money). One of the things I liked was a sign made out of license plates and mounted on an old shutter. We didn't consider trying to buy it that day since we were flying, but Aaron surreptitiously grabbed one of their business cards. He later called the shop and managed to get a sign shipped to Columbus.

So this is what I unwrapped on Christmas:

We found the perfect place to hang it: above the doors to our screened porch.

I know it looks lit up, but that's just the camera flash
reacting to the reflective surface of the license plates.

For the record, Aaron also gave me a hat (red), a scarf (animal print), a pair of touch screen gloves and some stocking stuffer treats. I gave him cuff links, 2 hats (it was a hat kind of Christmas), new biscuits and long underwear (because the man has zero body fat and is cold ALL the time).

I think that this weekend the last of the Christmas decorations will be put away. And thus ends the Christmas season.

Stay Tuned,

The Gila


  1. I love that sign, and it's perfect for you and goes perfectly in your house.

    Aaron rocks!

  2. That sign is so you, and perfectly fits the funky, contemporary vibe of your house. I love it!


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