Monday, January 21, 2013

Put a Bow on It - The Weekend Wrap-up

Busy, busy weekend! How busy? I usually take a nap on Sunday, sometimes even Saturday, but I got no napping in this last weekend. Too bad I don't have MLK Day as a holiday. Guess I'll have to nap at my desk (kidding, sort of).

Speaking of Martin Luther King, Jr., this particular quote really spoke to me today:

On to the recap... Friday we met our friends Abby and Bo at Black Creek Bistro for dinner. Aaron and I had not been there, and it was delicious. We shared the smoked salmon risotto balls (yep, I said balls) as an appetizer, then I had the scallops w/portabella mushroom risotto. We also got dessert for the table, again a ball-type formation of flourless chocolate cake surrounding coconut mousse and lightly covered with coconut. We were all happy and full.

Then we went to the Lincoln Theatre for Columbus Dance Theatre's performance of Cleopatra. This was a multimedia production, with dance, acting (using Shakespeare's words), video and live music by Carpe Diem String Quartet, which was composed for this event by Charles Wetherbee. It was very well done and we all enjoyed ourselves. I love to watch dance, partly because I can't do it myself so I'm in awe of the beauty that dancers create.

Saturday we walked to Tasi for another stop on the Restaurant Odyssey (you'll have to wait a little for more on that), then I did a little running around to CVS, Old Navy for a birthday gift and Target, where I got a new rug for inside the door to the garage and I scored two pairs of flats on clearance. I love love love high heels, but after a stress fracture a couple years ago and the recent discovery of some disc degeneration and arthritis I'm trying to be better and wear flats more.

A little more substantial than the last one so the cats
"shouldn't" be able to mess it up.

Green flats: $9.98; Zebra flats: $7.48. Score!

My mom was in town doing some shopping and wanted me to take her to Penzey's Spices (right now my friend Shelby at Big Hungry Shelby is green with envy because I have an actual Penzey's store in my city). We both made purchases, then hit Whole Foods and Giant Eagle Market District and she left for home. Aaron and I went to celebrate our friend Maggie's 3rd birthday with a party at her house.

Birthday Girl!

Then we met up with neighbors Dru & Jeannie at the Endzone bar in the Arena District and watched the Buckeyes lose to Sparty. Jeannie's a Michigan State alum who now works at Ohio State so the game was win-win for her either way. And by the way, Endzone has a Saturday happy hour from 4:00 - 9:00. We'd definitely go back to watch a late afternoon game, but wouldn't really want to stay past 9, when I think it gets more "clubby." Back to our house to watch some hockey. Look out! The Bluejackets are undefeated! ;)

Sunday we did our church thing, walked to the movies to see Zero Dark Thirty (intense, loud and very good - Kathryn Bigelow was robbed not getting a Best Director nomination), ate dinner at Betty's, then went to Colin & Amy's house for our traditional Sunday evening hanging out ritual.

Thus ends another weekend.

Stay Tuned,

The Gila


  1. I am completely jealous that you have a Penzey's! I love the store version, though I make due with the catalogue. BALLS!

  2. Hee hee! The balls comment was for you, too.


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