Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome to Buctober!

You'll have to forgive me today. I can hardly think of anything but this:

Tonight you'll find Aaron and me at our local Buffalo Wild Wings watching the game and trying not to piss each other off. Tomorrow one of our flags will come down off the porch and one of us will be devastated (though hopefully not as devastated as I was on October 14, 1992, the last time Pittsburgh was in the playoffs, when they lost game 7 of the NLCS to the Atlanta Braves - seriously, you wouldn't believe my reaction to that loss).

But the good news is that whoever wins tonight, Aaron and I will both be cheering on that team for the remainder of the playoffs. Because we both hate the Cardinals. One of us will be bummed, but we'll get over it in time for the next game (I hope).

The other thing I'm thinking of is the government shut-down, of course. I'm not educated enough on the subject to feel confident in saying much other than this: there are a lot of Congressmen and women who are acting like children and it's ridiculous. I'm ready to clean house in Congress. Fire them all, and for God's sake take away THEIR paychecks. Now.

OK, that's as far as I can go on that subject because I have baseball on the brain.

Let’s Go Bucs!


  1. Good luck!! I'll just be sitting over in Texas with nothing to do for the month of october because the Rangers broke my heart (Again)

  2. See, I'm such an awful Cincinnatian because I'm over baseball. It's supposed to be about FOOTBALL people.

  3. I hate the cardinals too! so mad at the rangers. ugh!

  4. Yay! That's the best when your team makes it. My team (The Angels) SUCKED this year lol.


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