Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gwen Coco's List of No-Nos - Holiday Edition

It's now less than two weeks until Christmas. Eep. I've done a lot of online shopping, but truthfully I enjoy going out and shopping in "real life," especially when I can do it in the middle of the day on a Gwensday. Yesterday I ventured out and while I had a good experience, I did come up with some new pet peeves (you can also read Part One and Volume Two). And so, I present:

When parking, if you stalk me for my parking spot and I can clearly see other available spaces, I WILL take my sweet time leaving. I might even just put my shopping bags in the car and go back to the mall.

The 12 days of Christmas really refer to the 12 days after Christmas, not the days before Christmas. I get that it's a good ploy for retailers to use the days leading up to Christmas for sales and such, but it's not right. However, there's a fun little ditty popular with high school choirs (mine did it, which tells you how old it is) which twists around the song. It starts "the first day after Christmas, my true love and I had a fight / and so I chopped the pear tree down and burned it just for spite."

Dear nieces and nephews, if I don't get a list from you, you're getting clothes. Sorry 'bout your luck.

While I love listening to the local radio station 103.5, which plays 70s, 80s and 90s, when the temperature outside is this:

it's just cruel and unusual punishment to play this:

The Boys of Summer by Don Henley on Grooveshark

And just for fun, not a pet peeve but I thought this was fantastic:

Happy Friday Eve!


  1. I hate when someone wants my spot and pulls up too close. Let me out and you can have it! Bastard.

  2. Love love love Whore In A Drawer. Parking during holiday shopping time makes me stabby.

  3. hahaha whore in a drawer. yes. and i love taking my time when people are being rude waitign for a spot.

  4. If someone parking lit stalk me, I take my sweet old time. I hate that!!

  5. Whore in a drawer. That is fantastic. I can't wait to show that to my husband. Brilliant.

  6. Your high school choir is fabulous. At first I couldn't tell if it was high school or college.

    I hate parking at a mall.

    Whore in a drawer - priceless.

  7. I don't mind if the place is packed and people just need to stalk for a place, but yeah- if there are plenty open and they just need that space that's 20 feet closer? I'll take my sweeeet time ;)


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