Friday, December 20, 2013

Everyday Makeup

This here's one of those girly-girl posts that I occasionally do. When I posted my 2013 favorite things I was going to include favorite beauty products but eventually decided to give those their own post. So I was thinking of my five favorite products (because five seems like a good number) and then I realized that those five together pretty much sum up my everyday look. And by "everyday" I mean every day that I actually leave the house. Just so we're clear.

1. Dior - Diorskin Nude BB Creme (in Medium 003). If you ask me "what's the difference between foundation and BB Creme?" I'll say "I have no freakin' clue." And I'll admit that this shit is expensive. But last summer while at Sephora, one of their associates put this on me (although it was the tan version then) I kinda fell in love. It gives me good coverage without being too thick and heavy.

2. Benefit - Brow Zings (in Medium). This stuff lasts forever; believe me, because I'm obsessed with defining my eyebrows so I use this every day and I've had it for probably a year. The left side is kind of waxy and the right side is more powdery. Sometimes I only use the waxy side and it works perfectly well on its own.

3. Maybelline - Falsies Big Eyes mascara (in Brownish Black). Here I'm going with drugstore product. I feel like I'm on an eternal quest for mascara, and even when I first tried this one I was skeptical. There are two wands; one for upper lashes and one for lower, and I felt like even the upper lashes brush was pretty thin. But it really extends my lashes and (most importantly) I don't get smudges under my eyes like I seem to with most mascaras.

4. Dior - Dior Addict Lipstick (in Rock 'n Roll). I know, I know. Another expensive item. I never would have picked this shade for myself but I love it. It's got a little shimmer and it's the only lipstick that Aaron has EVER complimented me on (without prompting). Ever. That's over 26 years, people. Damn straight I'm buying it.

5. Kevin Murphy - Undressed paste for hair. I get this at the salon. I tried to find it on Amazon but they had it listed at $64.99 and I promise I don't pay THAT much for it. I don't know what the hell that's about. Anyway, I use this on my hair after it's dry and it defines my curls and defrizzes and softens and ... it's fabulous.

So ... I took before and after pictures and I'm going to show them to you but I must apologize for the quality of these pictures. Quite frankly, they suck, but I think you can still get the idea. The only difference between the two pictures is the above products.

There you have it. I do generally add a touch of blush but that would be six products, not five, and I don't have a favorite blush. Any recommendations?

And to link up with Whitney, here's an appropriate tune:

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Ahhh, you had me "makeup" I use the same Maybeline mascara, and I find the upper wand to be a little clumpy, but I just kind of scrape off the excess mascara on the top of the tube before I apply. I love the lower lash brush, I always make a mess trying to apply on my lower lash line. As much as I LOVE my fancy dancy Sephora/Ulta expensive products, mascara is the one product I don't usually buy expensive.
    I have been perusing BB cremes, I haven't found one htat I LOVE. MAC makes a good one, but if you have success with the Dior, stick with it.
    And for a man to compliment lipstick is huge, so I would stick with that shade!

  2. I love Laura Mercier blush. I like Nars too but Laura Mercier goes on nice and gives nice color.

    Love that lipstick on you!

  3. alright, you've convinced me. im buying that brow stuff today!!

  4. I'm glad you shared!! I always think your makeup looks amazing, so obviously now I know what awesome stuff you're rocking!! :) I might try that mascara... I'm always trying new ones and never 100% happy with them. I also wish someone would help me and tell me what color lipstick works for me haha.. I am clueless in that department!

  5. I definitely need to look into Brow Zings! I don't do anything with my eyebrows and I feel like it could make a big difference.


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