Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Windup

Happy Post-Thanksgiving, in which it's perfectly acceptable to eat leftover pie for breakfast. Actually, I think it's perfectly acceptable anytime but we don't have pie around the house very often. I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. We kicked ours off with Gwensday/Thanksgiving Eve festivities at our house. There's even photographic evidence of me in the kitchen.

Making Chex Mix (also acceptable for breakfast since, you know, it's cereal)

We hosted on Thanksgiving Day; there were 16 of us, including members of both our families and some friends (framily) as well. Enter obligatory food pictures.

Besides the obvious: amazing squash soup made by our niece Jackie; the stuffing had bacon and apples in it; sauteed carrots and onions are a favorite at our dinner.

We also make the kids pose for pictures. I'll have more, but here's one from my phone of my mom and her grandchildren.

Here's the best story of our Thanksgiving. A guy showed up at our door and said that he's a baker and that earlier he stopped by and took some rosemary from the community garden and to say thanks he brought us a loaf of bread. I was so stunned and I managed to say thank you and Happy Thanksgiving but I should have gotten more information or asked him to come inside or something. So if anyone knows a guy named Matt who's a baker and has a beard (or did on Thursday), let me know.

I hope you get an idea of how big this loaf of bread was, and it was fantastically delicious!

Friday we went over to my mom's to hang out with her and the kids and her cat Coco, who was a stray in our neighborhood that my mom adopted last winter.

Saturday involved lots of football watching and a neighborhood Friendsgiving at Jen and Jason's house.

One of the fun cocktail napkins of the day; the boys played football, but Amy's comment was "it's no Kennedy compound game."

Sunday was church, singing, napping ... even though Gato and Clover tried to block my couch time.

Now it's time to get some work done and perhaps some cyber-Monday shopping!


  1. Fabulous napkin.

    Your Thanksgiving spread looks great. And holy moley what a loaf of bread.

  2. Now I have to put bacon and apples in my stuffing. Thanks for that.

  3. Lol, you do love your fun napkins!! Lovely to see you had a boosh holiday weekend! And even though i just had dinner, I am now craving bacon stuffing,

  4. That's a mighty big loaf of bread you've got there

  5. All that food looks AMAZING! Did you make your mashed potatoes in the crockpot? OR just move them there to stay warm?

    SO sweet about the baker- and that bread looks delishhh! Nothing like fresh bread.


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