Friday, December 6, 2013

Frivolous Friday

So what's the weather like where you are? On Gwensday Columbus got up into the 60s and we even spent some time on the screened porch after dinner to take advantage of the mild temps. Yesterday it just got colder and colder and today all the schools are closed because the white veil of death is coming. Leading up to today, the local news gave teasers like "we could have record snowfall!" As it turns out, the previous record was 2 (that's TWO) inches. Inches, not feet.

To be fair, the inclement weather is starting out with ice, and that does make everything worse.


Let's move on to "The Sound of Music Live," which was on NBC last night. I debated whether or not to watch this and I wasn't going to be home anyway but since I have a DVR with seemingly unlimited capacity, I went ahead and recorded it and watched later. I wasn't sure I'd make it through the whole thing because honestly, Carrie Underwood was just ... not good. And I'm not hatin' on her (even though I really wanted Bo Bice to win "American Idol" that year because she had zero stage presence, I admit that she's turned into quite the performer, just not in this). Sorry, but girlfriend can't act.

The best parts of the show involved seasoned Broadway actors Laura Benanti, Christian Borle and Audra McDonald (I never liked "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" until she sang it - I've mentioned my love for Audra before). And this is the point: NBC wasn't doing a remake of the 1965 movie; it was a live televised performance of the 1959 stage musical. It really drove me nuts to read people on Facebook and Twitter complain that "nothing can compare to the original...Julie Andrews was the best." Look, I agree that Julie Andrews rocks, but unless you saw Mary Martin on Broadway in 1959 you can't talk about the original.


Adam Levine.


I've been a Maroon 5 fan for a long time; I've seen them in concert. But I was late to the Adam Levine party until I started watching The Voice. He's yummy and seemingly very cool and fun. And he's admittedly messy. I just watched him on Ellen and he talked about the difference between dirty ("dirty is gross...unhygenic") and messy ("messy is when you don't care that that shirt is on the floor"). I love him even more now.


Finally, on a less frivolous note, when I heard that Nelson Mandela died -- which, by the way, I found out from an ESPN alert on my phone -- I knew that Facebook and Twitter would blow up with quotes and sentiments and I can't really add to any of that, but here's one of my personal favorite quotes.

Happy Friday, stay safe if you're in the path of the winter storm (okay, stay safe even if you're not) and have a great weekend!


  1. I love that Mandela quote!

    Your schools are closed? WTF!

  2. This weather is silly. 60s one day, 30s the next! We've gotten some snow off an on all afternoon, curious to see what actually comes of it all!

    I didn't watch the Carrie SOM, only because I couldn't imagine it being good lol. I love Carrie's music, but her in that musical just didn't fit for me.

  3. The whole country is cold. It's so weird. It's been 15-20 at night and doesn't get above freezing during the day here in Seattle all week! Luckily it's sunny and dry so no ice or snow...yet.

    Audra McDonald is amazing! It was embarrassing to have her duet with Carrie. I totally agree, Carrie can't act at all. Her blank (or terrified) stares got old fast!

    I'm not really on the Adam train, but he is cute and seems like a fun, cool guy. I was not all upset that he was chosen. I get why he was. I really do.

  4. I am SO late to this Friday party, but better late than never, right?

    I didn't watch "The Sound of Music," but luckily I had Facebook to to read all the opinions. I think you're right, Carrie Underwood's stage presence has certainly improved over the years. She's certainly talented, but I have to admit I was wishy washy when I heard she was trying her hand at TSOM. I felt bad everyone was comparing her to Julie Andrews. She's not trying to be Julie Andrwes. No one can be Julie Andrwes. I felt like a lot of the negative comments were from dick biscuits who don't realize how different a stage production and movie are. It's like the assholes who see Grease on the stage, and bitch how different it is from the movie. That said, in the clips I did see... girl CANNOT act! Yikes.

    Adam Levine = Hottest. Jew. Ever.

    Nelson Mandella... As a kid, I always knew he had to be someone amazing because Sondra & Elvin (Cosby Show) named their twins Nelson and Winnie. That is something that always stuck with me. Such an incredible human.


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