Friday, May 31, 2013

Memories....light the corners of my mind

Day 31 - I did it! I may have bailed on the squat challenge (sinus infection tripped me up there) but I completed the Blog Every Day in May Challenge. And just in time, since a week from today we leave for a 10-day European trip. There will be blog posts to read - I have a couple guest posters lined up and I'll blog ahead, but while we're gone I'll also be on vacation from writing. I'm sure I'll have plenty of material from the trip to keep me busy when we get back.

So, the prompt for today is a vivid memory.

From age 3 to age 9 my parents and my brother and I lived in Erie, PA. Our house and yard were kind of a carved out corner of farm land. My dad was a minister and this was the church's parsonage. I actually have quite a few memories of that time, though how "vivid" they are may be debatable. I'm sure my mom will chime in to fill in the blanks.

My dad was also an avid hunter. Once during deer season, he had a funeral later in the day but went hunting in the morning and lo and behold, he got a deer. He didn't have time to take it to the butcher so he hung it up in this giant weeping willow tree and went off to the funeral (presumably after showering and changing clothes). Then a couple hungry dogs showed up. My mom, by herself, went out and got the deer down and dragged it into the cellar. Even as I type this it sounds pretty far-fetched so if I find out other facts I'll let you know.

Our house was struck by lightning. Fortunately none of us were home when it happened, especially my baby brother because we could see how the lightning bounced around his bedroom. Scaaaaaary.

And then there was the time I puked in the mall. I think I was in 2nd grade and my mom had taken my friend Missy and me (and I assume my brother) to the Millcreek Mall. While there I got sick to my stomach and threw up all over myself and who knows what else. I had to get new clothes (I remember the pants were bright green - it WAS the 70's) and at some point during the cleaning up process my mom threw the keys in the trash. And my dad was at some all-day meeting. This was way before cell phones and we only had one car. I think someone may have come to pick us up and get us home, but again, I'm sure my mom will refresh that memory.

UPDATE: Mom says my memory isn't "that far off." Success!

And now, to celebrate the end of the blogging challenge and to link up with Whitty for #backthatazzup Friday, let's do some dancing!

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  1. Have a fabulous time in Europe and it's been great getting to know you. Have fun :)

  2. I'm impressed you did the entire blogging challenge!! You go lady!!

    And you seriously have the best stories. You need to write a book :)

  3. Wahoo! All good stuff (except the puking part)! ;)

    But please don't stop...

  4. Youre so lucky youre going to Europe!

  5. That is so great you did the Everyday in May challenge. I just started my blog last Thursday so I missed it but I enjoyed watching from the sidelines.

    Ginny :)

  6. Umm the deer story. My dad does that shit too and I want to die every time he gets one. So gross!

    And the lighting? Umm scariest thing ever in life? Yes.

  7. I'm a little late reading, but hoooooray!! You did it! Super impressed!


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