Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Find Your Bliss

Day 8 of Blog Every Day in May. Topic: "a piece of advice you have for others." And here it is: Find Your Bliss. Realize what you love and go after it. It might take you a long time to figure out what that is, but when you do, grab on and don't let go.

To the parents out there: please don't try to turn your children into something they're not. I know you have their best interests at heart, but sometimes that can get clouded with your own interests. Our niece is a very talented artist and she's currently finishing up her sophomore year at college majoring in animation. I'm so glad that my brother and sister-in-law didn't try to squash her dream. So many parents will discourage kids from something they love just because "there's no money in that." Don't get me wrong, money's great, but if you're completely miserable, is it really worth it?

If you're fortunate enough to clue in to it early in life, don't let anyone talk you out of your pursuit. And trust me, I'm speaking to myself here, too. It's not "early" in my life, but it's not too late either.

Confessions of a Gila Monster


  1. Love this. I have to find my bliss.

  2. I agree, it's never to late to start. I was in my thirties before I found and trained for the job I do now.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Rachel x

  3. I hate when people try to push their kids to something.

  4. I hear ya girl... I know toooo many parents who have either pushed their kid into something THEY wanted, or discouraged them from something THEY didn't like... so sad!!

  5. I totally agree about the parents thing. My parents let us do whatever we wanted. My sister and I both changed our majors multiple times and my brother stopped going after he got his Associates degree. They just let us live and find out what was best for ourselves. I love that. I have a friend who's mom told her to get a degree in business and she never finished because it was so boring to her.


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