Monday, June 3, 2013

Monthly Measures #5

Yeah, so that squat challenge that I was going to do last month? Didn't happen. Rather, it started but I didn't finish it. I always have the best intentions when starting some fitness challenge and then, well you know what the say about good intentions.

BUT I do have some good news to report. In May I saw a number on the scale that I haven't seen in probably five years, and I finally got to put the new charm on my bracelet! I'm down about 20 pounds; I was hoping to have lost 30 before going to Europe, but I'll take it! We leave this Friday and will be gone 11 days. I don't plan to deprive myself of any food or drink, but we'll be walking a lot too so I'm just hoping for a wash, weight-wise. Tune in next month to see how this worked out for me. Oh, but then when we get back it's Festival time in Columbus so there's another challenge.

I don't have a lot for this month's entry, so I must leave you with this:

(Not really, but I do love the idea.)



  1. i always subtract 10. i have a big brain.

  2. That is excellent! If you had great results this week on the scale then don't worry about the fitness program because it's obvious you are doing something right! :) Keep up the good work! Love the eecard. I can't get enough of 'em:)


  3. Those effing squats. Starting in the middle again. I keep skipping days.

  4. Good job on the 20 pounds, friend!! I thought we'd gain weight in Disney with all the food we ate, but the walking all day definitely helped! You will be fine :)

  5. I only know one person that has completed that 30 day squat challenge. And I bet she was lying, anyway.

    Congrats on the 20 lbs, that sure is something to be damn proud of!!!! Keep it up, Gwen!

    Happy Gwensday! <3


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