Friday, May 24, 2013

Hard Habits to Break

Day 24: Your top 3 worst traits. Greeeeaaaat, more soul searching, honest posts.

1. Procrastination

Number one with a bullet. I've been a procrastinator forever, although I'll have you know that I'm writing this post the day before it will be published. It's really best for me to give myself a deadline before the real deadline, but that rarely works. I do tend to work well under pressure, which is a good thing because I'm often scrambling at the last minute to get something accomplished.

2. Disorganization

It's true. I'm kinda messy. I've mentioned before that my desk at work is a disaster. Oh, it's the whole office. And my desk at home is the same. And before the cleaning lady comes once a week I'm frantically shoving piles of stuff in my closet. I've talked about this here (and you should really go to that post to see an old birthday card my parents gave me - it's classic and relevant to the topic). Also, side note: I used to find another word for "messiness" and immediately this link comes up with "Are you a hoarder?" Um, no but thanks for askin'.

3. Tardiness

Don't hate me, but you know that friend who's always running late? That would be me. I'm not proud of it and I know people who are worse than me, but yes, I'm often tardy to the party. Or the office. Or the lunch date. And come to think of it, that probably goes hand in hand with #1.

And now, to link up with Whitney for #backthatazzup Friday (and sort of keeping on topic):


  1. I think I should come to Columbus for the weekend and organize. And drink wine on the porch. And tag along to a Restaurant Odyssey restaurant.

  2. We're kind of twins in this post. And what Steph said.

  3. I am a terrible procrastinator! It's awful.

  4. all of this, yes especially disorganization, i really need to work on that!

  5. That's my skiing song!

    And I have realized today that tons of bloggers are procrastinaters. Couldn't have anything to do with the fact that we like to sit around, write, and read the internet all day long, could it? ;)

  6. I think I should tag along with SMD. And watch her organize while we drink wine.

    I'm with you on 1 and 2, but I try not to be late.

    Your grooveshark song isnt loading. Is it Chicago? I freaking LOVE me some Peter Cetera. No shame in my game



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