Monday, May 13, 2013


Today's Blog Every Day in May challenge is "issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be." Well, I'm going the funny route.

To you, dear readers, I apologize that I was lazy yesterday and therefore you had to wait all day today for this:

This is my senior prom picture. 1985, people. The theme was Purple Rain. My date's name is Kirk and (another apology) sorry Kirk, for showing this picture to my hundreds tens of readers. I wish you could see my shoes, because they're the same blue as the dress. I actually bought the shoes first and then set out to find a dress that would work with them.

And this is my prom picture from Saturday night with my date Aaron. Our neighbors Colin and Amy hosted prom, complete with disco ball, (spiked) punch and cookies, a keg (in another neighbor's back yard so it was technically "off site") and photos. You can't quite tell from the picture but my dress has rows of ruffles and it's ankle length.

My fabulous wrist corsage made by my friend Bart of flourish bespoke floral and event styling. My manicure and pedicure (which I did myself). Those aren't the shoes I wore, but here they are where I left them at Colin and Amy's house:

Sixteen of us went to dinner beforehand at Basi Italia. We sat on the patio, which fortunately was covered and heated as we had a cold snap.

Some of us walked to the restaurant; our long table for 16; some of the food.

More scenes from the evening.

Friday night was our nephew Jeremy's prom so I can't resist throwing in a few pictures of him and his date. I'm a little biased, but I think he's gorgeous, and I adore her dress.

I hope you enjoyed my past and present prom pictures!

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  1. Love both proms! I adore a good theme party.

  2. I love how you and Kirk pretty much have the same style bangs!! And Jeremy's prom date looks like Tinkerbell! I heart it!!!

    Prom circa 2013 looks like it was MUCH more fun!!!! You look beeeee-uuuuuu-tiiiiii-ful!!!

  3. So fun! I want to go to an adult prom, out to dinner, corsage, and everything! I LOVE your prom photo, especially your dress. And your nephew's date looks like a princess. I love her dress too!

  4. That can not possibly be Jeremy. Completely grown.

    Love all the prom pics!


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