Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Italy - Post 6 - Last day in Tuscany

We're up to Friday in our trip and it's our last day at the villa. We all split up during the day and some of the group went to visit an olive oil press. It wasn't "the season" but they were still able to buy a good bit of olive oil which we then brought back home. And I'm pretty sure the woman there offered Aaron a job if he were to come back in November.

The picture on the right looks a lot like getting wine from the hardware store.

Late in the afternoon we all went into Lucca for one last hurrah. We had drinks and snacks on a patio and did some shopping.

Some of us stayed in town for dinner at Osteria Baralla. You know there are some great food pics coming up!

Prosciutto and melon; smoked salmon; risotto with porcini mushrooms; gnocchi with pesto; pork "steak"; rabbit cacciatore. 

It was a long and delicious meal. We took one last picture in Lucca:

Now today I find out that Helene is taking a break from Travel Tuesdays (hopefully not a permanent one), but I still have to tell y'all about our time in Rome at the end of the trip, so come back next Tuesday for that!

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  1. agreed with SMD, that food looks awesome and i need to go to Tuscany please.

  2. I'd be beside myself if I had the chance to taste authentic Italian food! It's my favorite but I know it's nothing like the real deal! Some say it's too much...did you enjoy your meal?!?

    I so plan to visit Tuscany one day!!! I've been obsessed with it every since I saw Under the Tuscan Sun!

  3. When I think of Tuscany, I always think of food. How are Italian people so skinny? They eat so much and so many courses! I loved real Italian food (instead of my beloved Olive Garden) when I was there.

  4. wow- love this post and now i am craving italy!! (as always) great blog! XO

    the well-traveled wife


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