Saturday, November 23, 2013

Two Score and Six Years Ago...

It's my birthday, mofos! I don't want y'all to tax yourselves on a Saturday figuring out that title so I'll just tell you that today I'm 46. When my mom turned 46, I was 21. Now that I'm 46, I sometimes act like I'm 21. That's similar, right?

There's that squinty eye that shows up in selfies.

When I was in 4th grade, we moved from Erie, PA to Ellwood City, PA. My new next door neighbor was Lisa and guess what? We shared the same birthday! She was a year younger than me AND I was born at 1:40 pm and she was born at 1:43. So we always laughed about being a year and three minutes apart.

Lisa and me, 1978

According to the writing on the back of this picture, this was my 11th birthday.
That's some sweet wallpaper in my bedroom.

I believe this was my 24th birthday, when Aaron gave me this inappropriate shirt (there's a better
picture of the shirt here).

For my 30th birthday, I knew Aaron had something planned but he totally surprised me with a trip to Chicago. He had me think that we were going out with his sister, Cynthia, and brother-in-law, Jim, and Cynthia and I were supposedly going to the airport to pick up Jim. When we arrived, Jim wasn't there, but Aaron was. He had packed a bag for me (when he told Cynthia that he was pretty sure he knew which makeup to pack, she said "take it all"), but unfortunately had chosen jeans from the "I hope I can wear these again someday" pile. So I had to go shopping in Chicago for jeans.

My reaction when we got to the airport; outside a Chicago bar to watch OSU/Michigan. 

For my 40th birthday I flat out told Aaron that I wanted a party. He said "can it be a surprise?" Hahaha! It also happened to be just a couple months after we moved into our new house so we made it a combination birthday/housewarming party.

Top right: my sister-in-law Mozella, my brother John, me and Aaron

You can read about some other past birthdays in this post. Who knows what today will bring? I guess you'll have to check back Monday!


  1. A day late reading this, but, HAPPY Birthday, love!! Hope you had a fantabulous day!! <3


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