Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gila: The Early Years

Birthday Week continues with some fabulous pictures of me under age 10. Yes, that means some black & white.

Not looking too happy here

Gimme food!

At Cedar Point. The hat was purchased there, it had a braid down the back.
I loved it.

We had that rocking chair for years.

This is the picture we put on my 40th birthday invitations.

Christmas. I think this is the year I got my own camera.

2nd grade, shag haircut, missing teeth

3rd grade, inklings of crazy cat lady emerge

4th grade. I have no words.

My aunt always dressed up as Santa. Pretty sure my fly is open here.

Next up: 5th - 12th grade.


  1. LOLOLOL @ inklings of crazy cat lady emerge.

    Love the cedar point hat pic.

  2. haha i love how you said from 10 years ago. these are so freaking cute. i love the hair cuts

  3. HAHA! Wide open fly on Santa's lap- hilarious.

  4. Bahahahaha! The fly being down is cracking me up. Nearly choked on my caffeinated goodness!

    Your face has not changed one bit! So cute! I'm diggin the shag haircut <3

  5. I LOVE the pictures!! Happy birthday week!!!! These are amazing.

  6. I have a funny feeling that we are roughly the same age. Growing up my mom used her camera for ONLY special occasions... so I do not have tons of picture of myself growing up. But enjoy the ones I do have!

  7. Ohhh man I'm loving these!! I'm pretty confident my grandparents had that same organ you are playing! And your 3rd grade pic is my fave!! :)


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