Monday, November 11, 2013

Where have all the good times gone? ... Philadelphia!

Name that movie.

I miraculously managed to get to Philly on time Friday. In keeping with the "always real" part of my tag line up there, I have to confess that my procrastination led to nearly missing my flight. In fact, when I got to the airport I was told I was too late and they put me on standby for a later flight. I was dreading the phone call to Steph. Fortunately, my original flight was late in boarding and I was able to get on there at the last minute. Lesson learned. (Maybe.)

Steph met me at the airport and we took the train to the city and had a late, leisurely lunch at Parc Restaurant at Rittenhouse Square. We shared a decadent mushroom tart and a bottle of wine, Steph had a warm shrimp salad and I had the smoked salmon tartine.

Then we walked all over the place (sadly for me, the Wanamaker organ at Macy's is all covered up by the ginormous Christmas tree, which is up too early for our taste) and had a drink before riding the train back to Steph's house.

I have a wonky eye going on, but otherwise love this pic.

We stayed in Friday night, sipping on wine and watching TV. MFD (Steph's husband, in case you didn't know) brought us cheesesteaks for dinner.

Saturday we lounged around with the dogs (Gus, Geege and Maisel) and Steph's mom and her friend Michelle stopped by.

Meanwhile, back in Columbus, this was Aaron's Saturday morning:

I missed my kitties, but loved hanging with the dogs.

Eventually we got ourselves cleaned up and dressed and went to New Jersey to Marla's house, and her sister Brie came over, too.  I love when I meet internet friends for the first time but it doesn't feel like the first time. Marla's husband Steve was such a trooper, bringing us wine, taking pictures and then driving us to dinner.

Clockwise from top left: Steph, Brie, me, Marla; Marla's kick-ass dining room chandelier; Marla and me with Steph in the mirror; Marla knew my obsession with cocktail napkins and she had some great ones.

Marla doing her Miley Cyrus impression with the calamari.
Someone at the restaurant hid a bottle of Suave hairspray in the restroom.

Sunday morning we were up way early and Steph took me to the airport (don't worry, I got there in plenty of time). I arrived in Columbus at 11 am and drove straight to church for a rehearsal, took a late nap and caught up with neighbors.

My brother sent me this picture from the Veterans Day Parade. Our nephew James is in ROTC in high school. We're so proud of him!

James is second from right

Happy Veterans Day and thank you to all veterans for your service above and beyond!


  1. I had such a great weekend with you, we can't let it go three years between visits anymore.

    Go James! Proud of you!

  2. What a FUN weekend! I'm always jealous of other bloggers meet-ups! :) Looks/sounds like a great time!

  3. looks like y'all had a blast!! and yes it's too early for christmas trees in my opinion!

  4. Looks like a great weekend!

    Visiting your blog from the Monday Morning Gossip link up.

  5. I had no idea they have a "LOVE" sign in Philly! I work right next to the one in NYC :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  6. Look at us with our naturally curly hair!

    I had such a good time, I'm so glad you and Steph ventured out to Deer Country! Thank you so much for my amazing wine glass! Maybe we can take a road trip to visit you in a few months!


  7. Looks like you guys had a great weekend. Sometimes a girls weekend is just what the doctor ordered. Just reading about you being late to the airport gives me anxiety. I hate the airport and I'm usually there WAY too early just to feel better.

  8. Wow you were all over this weekend! Sadly I don't know where the quote is from :( Need to visit the city of brotherly... it's not a far trip from NYC.

    Thanks for linking up :)


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