Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pictureless Random Gwensday

Commence the brain dumping...

Yesterday morning we woke up to snow on the ground. I refrained from taking pictures of it because a) it was gone by afternoon and b) it's too early for snow in my opinion AND c) 783 of my friends on Facebook posted plenty of pictures.

I ordered an OtterBox phone case and it arrived today. I should have waited until later to put it on the phone because I think I need a drink after all that. Even better, I think there's a little something on the inside of the screen cover but I'm going to try and deal with it for the time being. But at least I know that if I drop my phone in the toilet it will be okay (not that I've ever done such a thing but you know, just in case).

I've mentioned my love for Sting before, and I recently heard that he and Paul Simon are touring together in 2014. As of now, they won't be in Columbus, or even within a few hours' drive, but I somehow must get to a show. I might have to travel to do so; maybe I should start a fundraising campaign? (KIDDING.)

And now to switch gears a bit...

Last week Helene wrote about an article in her alma mater's college newspaper in which the author responded to an increase of sexual assaults on campus by suggesting that the victims share the blame with the perpetrators. Helene's post is here; the original article is here. I was furious when reading this and considered writing about it on the blog but I wasn't coming up with anything that I felt was original.

But then Katie from The Style Dunce wrote An Open Letter to Female Rape Apologists and it says all I want to say and more. I urge you to read it, but this paragraph sums it up perfectly:

I don't think there is anything wrong with being cautious. We enter into every situation in our lives with our gained knowledge of how the world works. I don't see a problem with a mother telling her college-aged daughter, "Be careful at the party, hun. Don't drink too much and go with some friends." But there is a world of difference between "be careful" and "be careful or you asked for it." 

Yes, be smart. But it's still no guarantee of your safety. And it's damn sure not your fault. The only blame is the asshole rapist. Period.

Happy Gwensday and stay warm!


  1. I loved Katie's post!

    YAY for the otterbox! Which one did you get?

  2. i loved katie's post as well. I'm still so angry.

  3. I just read Katie's post, and I wanted to stand on my chair and start applauding. So well written.


  4. Thanks for including my post, Gila! The response to it has been wonderful--it's very encouraging to know that female rape apologists don't appear to be in the majority!

  5. I read both of the ladies posts and loved them and their take. It makes me soooooo stinking mad at how ignorant people truly can be. I hope the write for the newspaper read both of these posts and all the other morons out there. Geesh!


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