Monday, November 18, 2013

Guess what week it is?!

It's my birthday week, bitches! My birthday falls on a Saturday this year but I celebrate as much as possible (or at least use it to my advantage). This week look for lots of old pictures, stories and random factoids.

This past weekend was very laid back. Friday night we went to dinner at Cafe del Mondo. Since the last time I wrote about it, this restaurant is now open for dinner Thursday through Saturday. It's BYOB, and the menu is small, but it changes weekly.

Our appetizer was Kahlua shrimp, Aaron had short ribs with chorizo bread pudding and roasted brussels sprouts, I had salmon saltimbocca with mushroom risotto, and we brought a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. We also each had a salad, not pictured.

Saturday was a lazy-ass day. We went out for breakfast and ran a couple errands, but returned home by noon to alternately nap and watch football. The end.

Sunday we sang at church and then had a rehearsal for a concert this Friday. Maybe you'll recognize a name on this flyer. If not, I highlighted it. ;)

We finished off the evening at our neighbors' house, playing Apples to Apples and listening to tornado sirens. Fortunately, we weren't in any danger, but I'm sending positive thoughts to all those affected by the storms in the Midwest.


  1. Hooooray for birthday week! I am literally salivating over your salmon saltimboca. That sounds devine!!!!!!!

    Everyone was playing board games this weekend! We had a riveting game of Cards Against Humanity at our house Saturday night. Glad to know you were free from danger <3

  2. yayy for November birthdays! we survived the storm too, glad you made it thru safely as well.

  3. Haaaapy birthday week! Woo! And that dinner looks amaaazing.....

  4. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you're off to a great celebration :)

    Thanks for linking up!


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