Friday, November 22, 2013

Hair Adventures Through the 90s and Beyond

Sometime in high school - junior year, maybe - I started getting perms. If you looked at my childhood and teenage years' pictures you saw that my hair was pretty fine and straight, and then it started getting wavy and hard to understand. Enter the spiral perm.

1. 1990 - My mom trying to teach me to knit. It didn't take.
2. Spring 1990
3. 1993 with Katy (college roommate) and Kim (big sis)
4. 1991 on our honeymoon at the zoo in DC
5. Mid-90s - I just liked the picture

1995, before "selfie" was a word in the dictionary. My first view of the Pacific Ocean.

On our honeymoon, Aaron discovered that I had grey hairs. I was 23. I pretty much immediately called my stylist and the coloring phase began. After a while I didn't want to both color and perm, so the perms lost. Thus began a frustrating period of trying to straighten my hair.

Cute kid pictures!
1. With niece Jacqueline at Cynthia's wedding, 1996
2. Nephew Jeremy, 1997-ish
3. Godson Max, 1999
4. Nephews James and Jeremy, 2001

With my brother, 1999

Then one miraculous day, I tried using my diffuser and discovered that I had beautiful curls. Without a perm. I did go through another straight phase but now I definitely embrace the curl!

I had to include this because of that funky curl.

Easter, 2000 or 2001? 

With Aaron and his sisters and their husbands and our niece Lauren, 2001 (Lauren is now 13!)

Tomorrow I'll be recalling birthdays past!


  1. I love the Easter pic of you guys.



  2. hahaha oh yes i love this. such a great post idea. i love all of it.

  3. Great pics, happy birthday! Love you.

  4. Jealous! I've always wished my curls would look great with just a blow-dry with the diffuser. They really are beautiful!

  5. More classic Gwen Coco pictures! I'm lovin it! I also like that you've always stayed in touch with your ginger roots!

    Happy HAPPY HAPPY Birthday weekend, dear friend!! PLEASE have a stupendous day tomorrow! <3


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