Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Day After Yahtzee

So last night was my turn to host Yahtzee (see my post explaining this monthly gathering here). Now, in case I haven't mentioned it before and if you're new around these parts, I am NOT the cook in my household. Fortunately I married a guy who loves to cook and is good at it so I'm off the hook most of the time. When I host Yahtzee I usually have an array of cheese and crackers, taco dip, and a go-to dessert that is super easy. For this month's venture I decided to step outside my comfort zone and make a bunch of (still easy) food that I had never made before.

I have a bit of an addiction to fun cocktail napkins.

My drinks of choice were boxed wine, Miller Light for Amy and a sangria slush (which didn't go over that well and why should it, since it's February and it's flipping cold outside).

With as blurry as this pic is, you'd think I took it at the end of the night. But I hadn't even had any wine yet.
The glass was a Christmas gift from my mom. I love it.

I made items that I either saw on Pinterest, or found elsewhere but they're now all pinned to my board. I made a black bean hummus (my first attempt at hummus and it won't be my last - delicious), broccoli cheese bites (in which my broccoli wasn't chopped small enough but they were still tasty), a warm blue cheese and bacon dip (described as "crack in a bowl;" I strongly recommend doubling or tripling this recipe), pizza quesadillas (which I didn't execute super well but I'd try them again) and double delicious bars.

I made the hummus Tuesday night and the double delicious bars Gwensday morning before work. Funny story: when I bought stuff for Yahtzee I did not get chocolate chips because I was certain that we had at least a bag and a half. But sure enough, after I'd crushed graham crackers and I had butter melting, I realized that there wasn't a chocolate chip to be found in the pantry. I also needed some cheap red wine for the sangria slush. So off I went to Kroger at 7:15 am looking like hell because I hadn't showered yet to get two bags of chocolate chips and a big bottle of Gato Negro Merlot. Luckily I live in a 'hood in which that probably wasn't unusual, although the cashier did give me a bit of a once over. Don't judge me.

As always, it was a fun night of laughter and catching up. I took a preemptive tactic against the Yahtzee flu by scheduling today off, and then I just decided to take Friday off as well. You can reach me on the couch in front of the fire catching up on Pretty Little Liars and whatever else I can fit in.

Stay Tuned,

The Gila


  1. looks like such a fun time! I'm intrigued by the broccoli-cheese bites, might have to make those soon!

  2. I really wish I could come to Yahtzee. And maybe one time drink out of that awesome glass.

    I pinned the hummus and the crack dip.

  3. So nice! Love you ladies and thank you for hosting.

  4. I a'gonna make that crack dup, fer sure

  5. Yahtzee!!!! Love it!!! Everything looks delish and I am crushin on that wine glass! I too have a love for fun cocktail napkins!

  6. That cashier must have been new or very naive. Lots of people run to the grocery store without being dressed up, and lots of people only go for a couple of specific things that they are out of (I work in a store that has a food section).

    The food you made looks great!


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