Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Gwensday

Hmmmm, that title may be sacrilegious, but I'll be going to church later so hopefully I'll be forgiven.

This is one of "those" weeks. Not as nuts as the two week stretch in December, but here it is.

Sunday 2/10 - Sang at two church services, went out for lunch, then had a three hour symphony chorus rehearsal.

Tuesday 2/12 - Symphony chorus rehearsal (2 1/2 hours)

Today 2/13 - Rehearse at 6:00, Ash Wednesday service at 7:30

Thursday 2/14 - Church choir rehearsal (2 hours)

Saturday 2/16 - Church choir rehearsal in the morning (2-ish hours); Neighborhood chili cook-off at night!

Sunday 2/17 - Two church services with a LOT of singing.

And work, of course.

I'm tired already.

Stay Tuned,

The Gila

PS - The 40/40 Challenge starts today!

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  1. Haha love the self reference in the title! My friend is going to get her ashes and then go get a psychic reading, so it can't be worse than that. Giving anything up for lent?

    Stopping by from the hop!
    noel @ high heeled mama

  2. TIRED! Weekend, now! I am walking at lunch for 40/40 today. I have to get my hair done tonight.

  3. Your title made me giggle. You sure do a lot of singing, I love it!

  4. We used to call Easter Week "Holy Hell Week." I think you should have called this "Ash-hausted Week."

    1. Yes, Holy Hell Week is alive and well. There have also been years in which we have symphony concerts that week, which doubles the fun.


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