Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fat Thursday

Forget Fat Tuesday. 
Based on my horrible eating habits today, I've declared it to be Fat Thursday.
 Blame it on the crazy busy week, whirlwind houseguests last night, work stress, 
no food in the kitchen... Take your pick.

I'm also suffering from the February Blahs. I get this way every year, and you know what I almost always end up doing? Shopping. Today at lunchtime I went to Target. Danger, Danger! 
I didn't go crazy with spending (like I usually do) but here's what I got to cheer myself up.

Cowl neck top | Layering tank (not online, $9.00) | Skirt

I already have cardigans to go with each outfit (sorry about the picture quality, or lack thereof):

And, inspired by Shanna's post about camo, I got these, but not to wear with the above:

Oh, Friday, I can see you....

Stay Tuned,

The Gila


  1. I need those flats. Damn you!

    I really want to be a long skirt wearer. I always think I look ridiculous.

  2. Awe, love the flats!!! I am so happy I inspired you to shop!!! LOL!!! Thanks for the shout out, lady! Happy weekend!


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