Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This

I've mentioned before that I've become a regular at the corner bar (Little Rock), particularly on Tuesdays when they have karaoke. My partner in crime Kat and I had decided on Sunday that we weren't going to go this week due to the way-below-zero wind chill that was on the way. Then last night she sent a text saying she'd changed her mind so off we went. There weren't a lot of people there, but it was a fun group.

Kat singing "Landslide"

This is Kevin, who runs karaoke. We love him.

When Kevin arrived, the only people there were Jessica the bartender and Greg, also a regular who happens to live even closer to the bar than I do. They weren't sure if anyone would show up so they created Karaoke Bingo. By the end of the night, we helped him get a Bingo.

...and a couple of these got circled after I took this picture...

Here's a sampling of some of what we sang. Kat and I sang together on "Baby It's Cold Outside" (hilarious), "Linger" and "Hold On." Kat sang "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps," which has become her signature song. "I'm on a Boat" was sung by a girl we just met last night, and she was awesome. I did "Breathe" and "Feeling Good," among others.

Karaoke 20140107 by Gwen Carmack on Grooveshark

Last week, Steph's friend Laura celebrated her birthday and also gave some life lessons on Steph's blog, one of which was "Costumes make everything better. So does dancing and Air Supply." So I said that I'd sing some Air Supply in Laura's honor. And I did. And I have video. You'll also catch a glimpse of Kevin. This is my first video upload so take pity on me for the quality because it took me way too long just to figure out how to even get it in this post.

Laura (and Steph), here's your long distance dedication:


  1. Its Marla. Im on my phone so not sure ifnit will say anonymous. This... made my day. Rocked my socks.

  2. I will never be out of love for you. :) <3

  3. Sing your heart out! That was lovely. If my voice were like that, I would go to Karoke, too!
    I immediately thought of Elf with your Baby, It's Cold Outside song choice.
    This blog gave me a big smile.
    Love Steph's MOMMA


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