Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How To Tell It's Winter (besides the obvious)

I know, it's late January, there's snow on the ground and temperatures are below zero even without "windchill." Personally I think windchill is stupid. I sure as hell can't tell the difference between what "feels like" -10 and what "feels like" -25. It's just fucking cold. End of story.

But there are some other ways to tell winter is upon us, and here are mine.

1. The fireplace is on during all waking hours. Thank the tiny toasty-warm baby Jesus for our gas fireplace that we can just flip on and off.

2. It takes a good five extra minutes to get ready to leave the house, between the scarf and the hat and the gloves and the heavy coat. And then another five minutes upon arriving home to shed those same accessories. God help me if I get home and urgently need to pee.

3. SeƱor Gato Negro and Bella grow enormous manes. Gato's is more obvious because it's grey against his otherwise all black coat.

Left: Bella in summer
Right: Bella today

Look at that luscious mane!

4. So many pockets. Even more items get "lost" because of all the pockets. (This came from Aaron.)

5. The cats cuddle, both with us and with each other. Well, Bella cuddles even in the heat and humidity of summer, but the other two normally do not.

Sometimes they make it difficult for me to blog work.

6. We enter the Land of Perpetual Laundry, mainly because every damn day we wear a load of clothes. And we don't even have kids!

Yesterday's clothes.

It was so cold yesterday that Little Rock Bar wasn't even open, so no karaoke this week. (Wish I had seen that before I walked up there.) Stay warm, my friends!

Linking up with Kathy and Shanna on this crazy cold GWENSday


  1. it's been SO COLD here too. today is -17 but with windchill, it's -30. WTF if there's wind all the live long day, then it's -30 so just say that, weather people!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. WTF with all the laundry. Two pairs of socks every day? F this.

    Bummer about walking to the bar before you knew it was closed!

  3. This is one of the reasons I'm so happy that I work from home most days. I can stay in my fleece pants and only have to head outside with the pups a few times each day for their bathroom breaks. I wish we had a fireplace in our apartment. That is one thing I miss about our house in MN - however the temps here are about 40 degrees warmer than MN so I guess I shouldn't really complain. Stay Warm!!!

  4. Fireplaces are definitely a life saver!! We should have one in our new house (the gas line needs to be replaced) but it would be amazing to just be able to flip it on and have it get all toasty and warm.

  5. I'm sick of freaking laundry. There is SOOOOOO much! And I almost did have an accident trying to get all my freaking layers off when I got in the house. Gas fireplaces are DA BOMB!! Oh it's cold? Here, let me turn on my fireplace. Flip switch! Boom!
    The snuggle video made my day! <3

  6. I wish I had grown a luscious mane for this Winter. Balls, it's cold.

  7. i could barely move from my bed today i was just so damn cold.

  8. Oh, I LOVE your fireplace... I'm totally envious! We need one badly, our lower-level gets SO cold and that's where we generally hang out in the evenings.

  9. And here I am complaining about ice and 32 degree temps...shame on me...I don't know how you guys function...I would die!! Try & stay warm! Thanks for linking up, lady!! xoxo

  10. We have a pellet stove that is the only thing I like about winter, except for frozen poop pick-up. I wish I could grow a luscious mane any time of the year. Seeing our pool cover with ice chunks is not nice. This year we will really appreciate opening day!!!! One good thing, it is lighter later. #summertimewhenthelivingiseasy or something like that, is what I love.
    Love, Steph's MOMMA

  11. Lol! Windchill factor - what a load of bull. Hahaha.

    I've always wanted a fireplace. But I guess it'd be kind of silly to have one in my house since I live on Guam. It's been raining and windy here but it's still only 81 degrees. Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.


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