Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fleece From Head to Toe

That's how I'm staying warm during this cold snap. OK, "cold snap" is a major understatement. I know it's beyond cliché to talk about the weather since I'm pretty sure anyone reading this is also dealing with ridiculous temperatures and/or ridiculous snowfall. Yesterday afternoon there was a major water main break in downtown Columbus. Such a mess!

Last night Mike and Amy came over for dinner and football-watching. I hope y'all are sitting down because I cooked AGAIN. I made Gwendaloo, which is my bastardized version of the Indian dish vindaloo.

Amy made rice pudding with pomegranate, which was a delightful, not-too-sweet dessert. We sat in front of the gas fireplace (which is currently on during all waking hours) and watched the SEC lose the national championship. (Kidding, SEC friends, sorta.) Honestly, I didn't care that much who won; I just hoped for a good close game, and that's what we got. I even stayed awake till the end.

Today I'm joining my friend Steph for Haikuesday:

Kitties keep me warm
Laying on my legs all day
Fleece from head to toe

Stay warm and bring in those outdoor pets!


  1. I really wish I was in head-to-toe fleece today! I'm in my office with a heavy sweater on AND a space heater blasting my legs/feet and I'm still cold!!

    You are a cookin' machine- love it!

  2. Those pants look heavenly. I know it is freezing out but I haven't been outside of my house since Sunday. I think I am starting to lose it.

    I am impressed you made it to the end of the game. I fell asleep at half-time, woke up at the end, yelled at John because he forgot to turn on my humidifier (because I am apparently a senior citizen), and then went back to sleep.

  3. I actually stayed up until the end too...it was a great game! Stay warm, I would die if I had weather like y'all. I am barely handling the 30's here...I know I am a big baby!

  4. Love your Haiku!

    I was behind on blog reading yesterday and texting with Kim S and she was like get in all fleece like Gwen with your animals. I was like well I missed something. Here it is. hahaha

  5. I don't care what anyone says, fleece is SEXY!!!!!

    Stay warm


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