Thursday, October 31, 2013

Random Thursday

Happy Halloween! Apparently Columbus is bracing for serious storms tonight which might cause problems for Trick-or-Treat. In our neighborhood we have ONE child and he's still young enough that his parents have convinced him that instead of going from house to house getting candy, he goes from house to house and gives out candy. That surely can't last much longer!

Last year's costume; this year he'll be a firefighter.

Last night was Yahtzee night at Theresa's house. She had some fantastic food, including chicken & dumplings and a pumpkin bread pudding that I may have to make ... someday. I didn't even see the cocktail napkins until I was leaving but y'all know I love a good cocktail napkin and this was perfect.

A couple months ago when Jeannie hosted, she had these, which I forgot to put on the blog but it's also a keeper:

Speaking of fat pants, I saw this the other day and could definitely relate:

I normally don't repost things with random capitalization or
other grammatical issues, but this is an exception.

Yesterday a bunch of bloggers participated in a link up called "Someday I Will ..." One of my responses to that is someday I will not be such a huge procrastinator. Hahahahaha! But I did actually make a step in the right direction of that goal:

Sign of the apocalypse? I already have my Christmas cards!

And finally, if you'd like a chance to win some PayPal cash in preparation for the holidays (or just for whatever the hell you want), check out Helene's blog, where I'm participating in a giveaway!


  1. one of my coworkers kids is dressed up like that today! I actually thought it was him since they are dressed the exact same! and love those napkins. and diet?! it's holiday season!

  2. Holler, Christmas Card time!

    I love the fat pants cocktail napkins!

  3. Holy crap- you are on it!! I'm determined to actually get a picture and order our cards in time this year!

  4. GO YOU!! Getting those Christmas cards is a HUGE thing to check off your to-do list! I can't wait to order ours this year!! :)

  5. Those napkins!!! I die!! And pumpkin bread pudding? I need to Google that! YUM!

  6. I love all those fun napkins! I will have some out for next weekend!!!!! Eeeeeks! (I better start cleaning my house so they are up to a SMD's high standards!)


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