Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stop #14 - Piece of Cake

We've been so lax about keeping up with the Restaurant Odyssey, but rest assured, it's still going on.

Short North Piece of Cake creates beautiful and delicious sweet treats and cakes, but it also serves lunch and has a few tables for seating, thus fulfilling the requirements for a visit from Spidey and the Gila. To be honest, we didn't expect much, but we were both pleasantly surprised.

I had the turkey panini, which included Granny Smith apple slices, brie and honey mustard - such a yummy combination of flavors! Aaron had the muffaletta, which is actually served hot, and he loved it. I'll have to take his word for it because I'm not a fan of the olive spread.

While we ate, we watched some of the decorators. I know that creative cakes seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but I'm always so impressed by anyone who can make these works of art.

We missed out on getting a picture of this, but a guy came in to pick up a cake for his daughter's birthday. It was a pink princess castle (and I'm guessing it was her first birthday because it looked like there was a separate smash cake). We watched an employee help take the cake out to the guy's truck and I kept thinking that I hoped he didn't have to go far. That's some serious pressure.

Of course I couldn't leave without having some dessert. I got a mini German chocolate cheesecake. Yummmmm. Aaron pulled the ole "I'll just have a bite of yours." Jerk. Kidding, kinda.

Local friends, we definitely recommend Piece of Cake, not only for a special event dessert, but also for lunch if you find yourself hungry in the Short North.

Next up: L'Antibes!


  1. aaaand now I'm drooling!! Thanks a lot ma'am ;)

  2. my stomach was already growling before reading this post... but now, it's yelling at me!

  3. Yum, that turkey panini sounds tasty and of course so does your dessert. YUM! We need to get better about trying out new places, we always go to our same faves!

  4. It's 3:34am (technically 4:34!) and my tummy is a rumblin!

    I am always so fascinated by those giant fancy fancy cakes. I wonder if they taste as great as they look.


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