Monday, April 15, 2013

Today we all wear 42 (and other weekend fun)

If you missed my special Sunday post honoring my grandma's 95th birthday, check it out here. I'll wait.

Before I get to the 42 talk, let me tell you about our Friday night. We have a little wine and supper club of four couples and Friday was our turn to host. If you're keeping score at home, that's the second Friday in a row of hosting a dinner party. We're Aaron is exhausted from all the cooking. Our theme was California so everyone brought wine from there.

First we had sparkling wine with shrimp cocktail and a garlic potato soup:

With our Caesar salad (anchovies optional) we had Pinot Noir:

The main course was standing rib roast (I wish I had taken a pic before it was sliced) and sides were roasted broccoli, potato gratin and chophouse corn and Aaron and I provided the "big red wines":

For dessert we had individual molten chocolate cakes, with Kahlua whipped cream and edible flowers, with a dessert wine and cognac:

This last picture just kind of sums it up (and note that while I had zero to do with making the meal, I did clean up the kitchen, mostly the next day):

OK, now on to the movie. We saw 42 over the weekend, and I cannot recommend this movie highly enough. I was concerned that with a PG-13 rating, it might be a little too tame. It's not. There's liberal use of the n-word, which is necessary and difficult at the same time. There was audible gasping during a scene in which a child yells "that word" after hearing his father use it, only to then be visibly conflicted when he sees his hero Pee Wee Reese with his arm around Jackie Robinson. And while the movie does suffer from an overly dramatic score, I thought it was fantastic. I cried more than once. I want to see it again. Aaron's a huge baseball fan, and this is the first movie he's ever wanted to see on its opening weekend. We went with two other couples and none of us were disappointed.

I'm not a parent, but I do think this is a movie to take kids to, if you know your kids can handle it and you talk with them about it. Today is Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball, in which every single player wears the number "42." I wish I had some office-appropriate attire with the number 42 on it.


Stay Tuned,

Confessions of a Gila Monster

PS - Don't forget to file your taxes today. Or extend, like I'm doing. ;)


  1. I know one of the players on the old timey Braves team in 42! He was my college boyfriend's roommate, and must still be involved in baseball, because he was a baseball extra, and his wife and kids are in the stands in the movie! The pictures from it are so cool!

  2. I got a little case of the chills reading your take on 42.

    I really wish I could have attended that dinner party. It looks ah-mazing.

  3. that food all looks so incredible! and i need to see 42, looks so good.

  4. I'm with SMD, when are we invited to the dinner parties?

    I'm not a "go to the cinema," type of gal, but 42 sounds like one I'll have to see on the big screen

  5. I CANNOT wait to see 42. My parents saw it over the weekend and absolutely loved it as well! Hoping to see it soon, so glad you loved it!

    And seriously, I want to have a dinner club now! Jared and I have actually talked with another couple about doing this, but have yet to get the ball rolling. All your food pics make me want to start it ASAP!!

  6. I've heard good things about the movie!

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