Thursday, April 11, 2013

Look out, it's another fashion post

Second one this week. WHAT?!

Yesterday I went to Target to get a few toiletry-type items, and as is always often the case, ended up spending way more than I intended and bought myself a new outfit.

It all started with this scarf:

I'm not much of a floral person but I fell in love with the colors in this and I couldn't put it down. I think it will work for spring AND fall.

Then I picked up this skirt, which I already own but in blue/purple and I just may have also bought a matching v-neck tee for another option:

And finally, this T-shirt and sweater:

And here's the finished ensemble (Yes, I took this in the restroom at my office. Don't judge.):

The website says the skirt isn't available in stores, but it was in mine.

So while I spent some cash, I don't feel too badly because for the second year in a row I won our neighborhood March Madness Brackets. So there.

Stay Tuned,

Confessions of a Gila Monster

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  1. Love it!!!!! L-O-V-E that scarf! Scarves are my newest fashion accessory to protect my bald from the sun! Gorge!!!

    I freaking LOVE Target. Also, I use coupons there quite often. I returned a dress the other day I used a $5 off coupon for. When I returned it, I got the full price back on my card.


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