Friday, April 26, 2013

Stop #12 - Level Dining Lounge

The Restaurant Odyssey continues with a trip to Level Dining Lounge

On this outing we were joined by our neighbors Michelle and Jeff. 

Michelle and Jeff, meet everyone. Everyone, meet Michelle and Jeff.

Level opened about three years ago in a prime corner location. They did major renovations and it's now a stylish yet comfortable place to have a drink or a meal. We were tucked into a cozy booth and set about ordering cocktails. Aaron and Jeff both ordered the Lavender Martini, which includes locally made gin from Watershed, I had a Raspberry Bellini and Michelle took our server's suggestion of some kind of blueberry drink. Later when he asked her how she liked it she said "it's OK; I forgot that I don't like blueberries." Silly girl.

First round of drinks, then the boys switched to some kind of dark beer, I got my standard Sauvignon Blanc, and Michelle probably ordered something else she didn't like. (Love you, mean it!)

Appetizers: potato skins (quite loaded, pretty greasy but of course we still ate them!); calamari (kind of chewy, although the Thai chili sauce had a nice flavor).

Aaron, Jeff and I ordered from the Seasonal Menu: Aaron had the Level Lasagna made with sausage (I had the leftovers and it was yummy), Jeff had the Duck Flatbread (duck confit, carmelized onions, goat & gouda cheeses and a berry reduction - yes, please) and I had the Smokey Black Bean Burger with fries (don't get me wrong - I'm a red meat kinda girl, but I love a black bean burger and this one didn't disappoint - spicy and not dry). Michelle had the Chicken Artichoke Panini and insisted that I have a bite. I'm not a big artichoke fan but this was a nicely done panini and the Parmesan Potato Chips were crispy and delicious.

Clockwise from top left: black bean burger, lasagna, chicken artichoke panini, duck flatbread

Overall a solid meal. We had a little struggle over who was buying, which Jeff and Michelle "won," so we walked up the street to the Local Bar where Aaron and I treated for after dinner drinks.

Coming up next: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams!

Stay Tuned,

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  1. Glad you had a nice time! I am definitely ordering something with those parmesan chips next time. Looked yummy.

    But hey, where are the ambiance reviews? (This is one of the restaurants my office did.) ;)

    1. I wondered if that was one of yours! I'm terrible at that, need to work on it. But I do love the design and atmosphere in there.

  2. I couldn't refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

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  3. Oohhh my goodness. Please bring me some of each item for my lunch today!!! :) You always post the BEST food pics!!

  4. I would gobble up that duck flatbread. Yum.


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